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The Best Crossbow

The best crossbow? Want to find out what the best crossbow on the market is? When talking with hunters from all over the country that are interested in purchasing their first bow, the most commonly asked question is which one is the best crossbow? Before answering, I often take a deep breath, and with a big smile, give them the answer they don’t want to hear. That is, there is no one best crossbow. Or at least I personally can’t answer which one would be best for them. Why not you may ask? Well, for starters, I truly feel that each hunter may have different needs, hunting styles, and taste. So how can I tell them what bow would be best for them? What I can do is offer them some guidance. I try to point out features that some bows have and some bows don’t. I try to inform them on features they may find handy in the woods and point out ones that seem impressive, but may not offer much practical use. I try to find out their knowledge of basic bow mechanics and weather or not they feel comfortable working on there own equipment. I also try to find out if they have a local dealer nearby to service their purchase if necessary or if they’ll have to ship their bow to a dealer or manufacturer for service. I try to find out what their price range is and how much they are willing to spend for the features they want. I try to find out their physical ability or disability to determine if overall bow weight will be a factor or if a particular cocking aid of one type or another will be needed. Then, after I find all of this information out, and combine it with the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years, I can finally tell them that I still cannot decide for them what the best crossbow for them will be.
So at this point, if you are one of these new hunters looking for the best crossbow, you’re probably thinking, what’s the point of even writing this article? My answer to you would be that in order to find the best crossbow for your needs, you need to ask yourself the questions I mentioned above and you also need to do a little research. What better place to research all of the best crossbows in the world? The Crossbow Nation website of course. It’s there you will find all the information you can fathom on most every brand name crossbow. Unlike going to the manufactures website and just reading the technical information listed, on the Crossbow Nation forums, you will find hunters such as yourself that have first hand experience with the brands or models you are looking for. Some of the experiences are very good, and some of them may not be so good. But the one thing they will have in common is that they will be written by other hunters such as yourself that are there to help guide you into making a well informed, educated purchase. It is on the forums where you can ask the questions that you can’t ask the manufacturer or are afraid to ask your dealer. The Crossbow Nation forums are such a powerful resource for the first time hunter and experienced hunter both.
Now your probably at the point where you’re thinking that the only reason I wrote this article was to give a shameless plug to the CN website. To be honest, you are partially correct. However, it is because I have seen first hand the countless numbers of newbies that have signed up, got involved, asked questions, and then made a decision based on all of the data they have gathered, that I am directing you there. I have also seen countless members join and post how much they wish that they had known about the CN website before they purchased the bow that they are now currently unhappy with. So if you are new to x-bow hunting and you are looking for the “best crossbow”, do yourself a favor and check out the site.
Even then, after you’ve read all of the reviews and gathered all the information you can to help you make your decision, I would still offer one more piece of advise. That advice is to go shoot some bows if you can find a dealer willing to let you test drive a few. At the very least, go and handle some. Pick them up, put them to your shoulder. Feel the weight of them and how they balance in your hands. Even if it requires you traveling an hour or more to do so. It can help make the final decision in your purchase to find the best crossbow. Especially if your torn between two or more.
So hopefully if you’ve made it through this article, you’re excited to get started with your search for the best crossbow for you. It should be a fun and exciting process with a nice reward at the end. Hopefully if you’ve learned one thing from this article, it’s that nobody can tell you what the best crossbow for you is. Because what one hunter determines to be the best crossbow isn’t going to be the best crossbow for the next hunter.

Ty very much. I went with the CE SLS.
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I agree Urban Legend! This site did help me a lot with my purchase of the right bow for me, and saved me a lot of money in purchasing acessories like broadheads that work well with the speed of my bow, xbow cases etc....
Jun 08 2013 01:58 AM

This site was invaluable to me before I purchased my CAMX. Had it not been for this site, I would have purchased a different brand altogether. I researched companies and models for over a year before I made my purchase. A lot of that had to do with finances, or lack thereof. Without CN, I might have made a purchase that I would now regret. 

Thanks for this great site. It has help me helping my friends to find out what they wanted as I won't be able to recommend to their needs.

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I sent out emails to the customer service departments of 5 of the big companies but only one responded, I ordered a Barnett Ghost 350 after a couple of weeks without a single response from anyone else.
Prior to the test I had a Horton but did not have any bias one way or another for any company. In fairness I think it was 10point I left out of the test because they were very expensive as compared to the others.
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Thanks for this blog. It helped me a lot in making a right choice to pick a crossbow that best defined my need.

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