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Stryker Katana 360 Crossbow

  When I received an email from Stryker Crossbow asking if I would be interested in doing a review on the new 2017 Katana 360 crossbow, It didn’t take me long to reply back letting them know that I would love to have that opportunity. Being up front with them, I said the only setback


Zubin Crossbow Review

The Zubin ZX-340 is like no other crossbow on the planet. It features an innovative barrel system and shoot through riser design that totally encompasses the arrow. Because of this design, the Zubin crossbow also allows the shooter to do something that no other crossbow in the world can do, and that is to shoot

161 Browning Crossbow

Browning 161 Crossbow Review

New for 2016, Browning Crossbows enters the crossbow market with two new bows in their lineup. The 161 and the 162. The first time I had a chance to view these new crossbows was at the 2016 ATA show. My first impression of the new Browning crossbows was that they had a fresh clean look

60X Custom Crossbow String

60X Crossbow String Review…..1,000 Shots

60X Custom Strings is a well know manufacturer of custom bowstrings. Their record of producing top preforming bowstrings has been proven time and time again, not only by the accomplished career of its owner, Brad Patsy, but also by the countless victories produced by the 60X Custom Strings prostaff. The credentials of 60X however, I

Excalibur Micro 355 Crossbow

Excalibur Micro 355 Crossbow

  New from Excalibur Crossbows for 2016 is the Micro 355 crossbow. The Micro 355 is the fastest Micro crossbow to date offered be Excalibur. As the name implies, with the supplied 350 grain arrowsQuill Carbon arrow, this crossbow shoots 355 feet per second. The Excalibur Micro 355 achieves this speed thanks in part to

Stryker Katana 385 Crossbow, Mossy Oak

Stryker Katana 385 Crossbow

Stryker Crossbows releases the Katana 385 crossbow for 2016. The Katana 385 was designed to be a top performing crossbow while at the same time also making as light and fast as possible. In order to reduce weight, the Katana is outfitted with a skeletonized extruded aluminum rail and a riser that has been machined

Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant Crossbow, Mossy Oak

Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant Crossbow

  New from Barnett Crossbows for 2016 is the Ghost 415 Revenant Crossbow. This new crossbow shoots arrows at a blistering 415 fps and produces an amazing 153 foot pounds of kinetic energy. All this from a crossbow that is only 20″ wide axle to axle and weighs only 7 pounds. The overall length is

TenPoint Carbon Notro RDX Crossbow

TenPoint Crossbows for 2016

This year TenPoint Crossbows has made some changes to some of their best selling crossbows in their lineup, the Titan and the Turbo, as well as releasing a brand new reverse draw crossbow called the Nitro RDX. They’ve also made the popular Venom crossbow now available as a Venom Xtra. Let’s take a closer look

Scorpyd Spring Loaded String Suppressors

2016 Scorpyd Crossbow Accessories

Scorpyd crossbows has two new accessories to add to their complete line of reverse draw crossbows for 2016. Already the maker of the worlds faster crossbow, the Ventilator Extreme, Scorpyd has now developed a new spring loaded string suppressor to help tame some of the noise and vibration that is caused by a crossbow string

bear fisix crossbow

Bear Crossbows

New for 2016 Bear Archery has produced a 4 crossbow lineup featuring 3 reverse draw crossbows and 1 traditional draw crossbow. Luke Thorkildsen from Bear Archery says that these new crossbows have been designed from the ground up and have 2 years of research and design before bringing them to the public. The flagship model

browning 162 crossbow

New Browning Crossbows for 2016

Browning Crossbows has released a new two crossbow lineup for 2016 with a model called the 161 and the 162. I got to shoot and handle both of these new crossbows at the ATA show this year in Louisville Kentucky this January. As you would expect anything with the Browning name attached to it, these

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Pioneer Airbow by Benjamin

The Pioneer Airbow is a brand new product from Benjamin Air Rifles released at the 2016 ATA show. While this product is called an “Airbow” because it does shoot an arrow, they are fully aware that this product is really more like a gun. And while the debate will be wether the Pioneer Airbow should

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