Crossbow Deer Hunter

Crossbows for the Crossover Hunter

With regulations regarding the use of crossbows changing on a yearly basis, now may be just the time for you to take a closer look at one of the fastest growing trends in the outdoor hunting community. If your state doesn’t already allow the use of crossbows in one season or another, chances are, it

Blazer Vane

Blazer Vanes for Crossbow Arrows

The Bohning Blazer vane has earned a reputation of being a bulletproof vane that provides excellent broadhead steering for arrows shot from today’s modern compound bows. But with crossbow hunting on the rise, is the Blazer vane a suitable contender for crossbow arrows? The answer is an astounding yes. For quite some time now, crossbow

Crossbow Broadhead

What Broadhead Should I Shoot From My Crossbow?

What kind of broadheads should I shoot from my crossbow? Are mechanical broadheads better to shoot from a crossbow than fixed bladed broadheads? These are very commonly asked questions from the beginner crossbow hunter. My advice is, shoot whatever one you favor the best. Of coarse you should definitely practice shooting your crossbow with your


The Best Crossbow?

Who makes the best crossbow? This is not an easy question to answer because there is such a wide variety of styles and options in crossbows today. What may be my ideal crossbow may not be anything close to what the next guy wants. In this day and age, with new crossbow manufacturers popping up

Carbon and Aluminum Crossbow Arrows

Carbon or Aluminum Crossbow Arrows

What is the best type of bolt to shoot from my crossbow,aluminum or carbon? First of all let’s get one thing straight. We are shooting arrows here, not bolts. I often see crossbow arrows referred to a crossbow bolts, but with a quick Google search, you will find that we don’t shoot anything close to

Arrow Front of Center

What Is Arrow Front of Center?

What is arrow Front of Center, and how do I figure out my Front of Center? F.O.C is a term used to express the percentage of weight forward from the center of the arrow. Having good F.O.C. is not only important in obtaining good down range accuracy, but crucial when it comes to achieving good

Recurve vs Compound Crossbows

Recurve Crossbows Versus Compound Crossbows

Recurve crossbows or compound crossbows, what bow is best? This is a question that often gets asked by the beginning crossbow hunter. The answer, whatever one you like the most. Each bow has features the other doesn’t. Let’s get a couple things out of the way before we take a look at each model. One,when

Flat and Moon Crossbow Nocks

Flat Nocks or Moon Nocks?

Moon nocks or flat nocks. What kind of nock should I shoot? The correct answer is whatever your crossbow manufacturer recommends. There is however, one exception to the rule. If your crossbow manufacture recommends you to shoot flat nocks, it will not hurt your crossbow to shoot an arrow with a moon nock, as long

Crossbow Pig Hunter

How To Uncock a Crossbow

How do I uncock my crossbow? Well I guess if we all had a choice it would be to shoot it at a great big buck. But for most of us, we are left to make this decision at the end of each hunt. We’ll take a look at a few ways to safely uncock


Taking Great Photos of Your Successful Hunts

Taking great photos of your successful hunts should be something every hunter should do. Not only is it a great way to share your hunts with friends and family, but it also gives you a way to document memorable events in your hunting career. Knowing how to take good photographs of your game is often

How Far Can I Shoot a Crossbow?

How far can I shoot my crossbow? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from the beginning crossbow hunter. I wish there was one concrete answer to give to people when they ask this question, but as you read on, you will soon find out that there are too many variables that come

Crossbow Laser Bore Sighter

Crossbow Laser Bore Sighter

I had a chance to test the Crossbow Laser Boresighter Bolt from Aims hot-Slammer Hunting Innovations. Simply put, it is a crossbow arrow with a laser in the point of it. It’s main advantage is that it lets you sight your crossbows scope in at a short distance (7 yards), which will really help hunters

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