Bear Crossbows

New for 2016 Bear Archery has produced a 4 crossbow lineup featuring 3 reverse draw crossbows and 1 traditional draw crossbow. Luke Thorkildsen from Bear Archery says that these new crossbows have been designed from the ground up and have 2 years of research and design before bringing them to the public.

The flagship model in the Bear Crossbows lineup is the Fisix FFL. The first thing you’ll notice other than the forward facing limbs on the Fissix crossbow is the open “Gap Step” stirrup. This is an open stirrup, designed to accommodate those big boots. It also makes for a convenient hook so you can hang your Bear crossbow easily from a branch on a tree or any other place you’d want to hang it. The Fisix Crossbow is also equipped with a full picatinny rail which is home to an adjustable fore grip. The crossbow has an adjustable butt stock both in length and at the cheek pad so you can adjust the cheek weld to fit your personal preference. A standard A2 pistol grip is also included and can be swapped out for your favorite AR style grip. The Bear Fisix Crossbow comes with the 3XS trigger which stands for three times safe. This trigger allows the crossbow to be cocked in either the fire or the safe position, with it always returning to safe when cocked. A mechanical anti dry0fire level is also standard. One feature that is exclusive to Bear Crossbows is an adjustable trigger weight dial at the back of the trigger housing that allows the shooter to adjust trigger pull from 3 to 5 pounds. A Trophy Ridge speed comp scope allows you to dial your scope in to exact ranges out to 100 yards. All Bear crossbows also include a brush style arrow retainer keeping the arrow seated securely against the rail. Integrated string suppressors are also included. The Fisix Crossbow from Bear Achery shoots arrows at 375 feet per second with a 135 pound draw weight.

bear fisix crossbow


The Torrix FFL crossbow from is Bear Crossbows is the mid price point crossbow in the forward facing limb (FFL) series. The Torrid shoots arrows of 355 feet per second at only a 125 pound draw weight. This bow has the same adjustable stock as the Fisix crossbow except without the adjustable cheek pad. It also includes the same pistol grip and adjustable fore grip, gap step stirrup, and 3XS trigger. The Bear Fisix Crossbow comes with a 3X fixed power scope with reticles from 20 – 70 yards.

bear torrix crossbow


The Bear Bruzer Crossbow is the opening price point crossbow in the FFL line. The Bruzer is a very well balanced bow with a fixed stock and fore grip. At 125 pound draw weight it shoots arrows at 335 feet per second. The Bruzer comes with a Trophy Ridge 4X fixed reticle scope. The same 3XS trigger is included on the Bruzer along with the gap step stirrup.

bear bruzer crossbow


The Fortus is a traditional draw crossbow from Bear Archey and is considered their opening price point crossbow. It shoots arrows at 350 feet per second and has a 180 pound draw weight. It has a molded stock with multiple grab points throughout. The Bruzer crossbow has the same 3XS trigger that you’ll find in the higher end models. Also included is a 4X fixed powered scope.

bear fortus crossbow


For more information on the entire line of Bear Crossbows, please visit the Bear Archery website at: 

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