CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbow Review

CAMX Chaos 325 CrossbowRecently I was able to review a new crossbow from a new Crossbow Manufacturer. The manufacturer is called CAMX Crossbows and the first bow they released is called the Chaos 325. This is a 175 pound draw weight crossbow shooting 325 feet per second. Now you may have never heard of CAMX Crossbows before and that’s because they are a new crossbow manufacturer. But just because there new, doesn’t mean they don’t have any experience. As a matter of fact, the staff over at CAMX crossbow has just about the most experience when it comes to designing and building crossbows compared to any other crossbow manufacturer in the industry today. It’s through this experience that CAMX was born and the Chaos was created.
Now at first glance you may think that this just another average hunting crossbow. I can tell you it is the little features that you may overlook that make this crossbow a pure pleasure to hunt with. I just hunted with the Chaos 325 for the four week long Ohio turkey season and can tell you that this bow is a dream to carry around in the woods. Although I was not successful in killing a turkey this spring, I was able to get well acquainted with this crossbow and came to enjoy many of its features. So lets take a look at some of the features that are offered from CAMX crossbows.
The first thing that you’ll notice is the two red wings on either side of the barrel. These are called the Thumbsavers and they do exactly as their name implies. They prevent your thumb or fingers from coming over the top of the barrel and into the path of the string. From being around crossbows for 20 plus years, I have heard countless stories of hunters hitting their thumbs and actually did myself when I started shooting crossbows for the first time. If you’ve experienced the same, then you know that you don’t ever want it to happen again and that’s what the Thumbsavers are designed to prevent. This is really a nice feature for those new crossbow hunters from the states that have recently just allowed crossbow hunting. They fold down out of the way and allow for easy cocking of the bow, either by hand or with a rope cocking aid.
The next feature is called the Monobloc. The Monobloc is a one piece machined aluminum sight bridge with a weaver style scope mount integrated together. Because of its one piece design, there are new screws to loosen up or back out, offering a rock solid platform for your scope to mount. Because the two are machined as one, it also creates a lower overall profile allowing you to get you face deep into the stock while still being able to sight through the scope.

Monobloc CAMX crossbow

Inside the Monobloc scope mount you’ll find the PAR. That stands for pivoting arrow retainer. No more noisy arrow retaining springs here to vibrate after the shot or to get your rope cocking aid hung up on. The PAR is as quiet as they come and also acts as an anti dry fire system. Without an arrow correctly loaded to raise it up, the PAR will prevent your safety from being put into the fire position. It also has a manual override so that you can un-cock your crossbow without an arrow installed.
The CAMX Chaos 325 crossbow features an Aero Optics brand scope that is a 4 x 32 power and offers a multi reticle design with SER technology. SER stands for short eye relief. The AERO Optics scope only has a 1.5” eye relief. So why is that worth mentioning? Well, we are seeing a problem today with crossbow scopes having too much eye relief. What this does is either pushes your scope mount way out in front of your crossbow, hanging over your barrel, to the point it becomes flimsy like a diving board hanging out there. Or if your crossbow manufacturer doesn’t extend the sight bridge, you have to lean your head so far back to see through them that you run out of stock to put your cheek on. especially the ones with the extreme bull pup designs. So the new Aero scope solves both of these issues.

CAMX Crossbow Aero Scope

The Comfortek stock has a nice feature where the bottom of it is cut out so when the crossbow is sitting on your lap, it sits level and is more comfortable on those long sits. The cut out is beaver tailed so it disperses the weight better. The CAMX Chaos 325 also comes with spacers so you can adjust the length of pull by either removing or adding them. There is an elongated hole in the very back of the sock. Believe it or not the hole comes in real handy when your hunting with it because it gives you a another place to hold onto the crossbow. I actually used the bow almost like a crutch or a cain with the foot stirrup pointed down and the hole made a great handle to hold onto. It also provides good place to tie your pull up rope to it far away from the trigger when hunting from a treestand.
The wishbone quiver is another great feature from CMAX crossbows. It is a side mount quiver that attaches to the crossbow with a single screw in knob. There is no mounting bracket or hardware, so when the quiver is removed, there is nothing left attached to the rail of your crossbow. It’s easy to take off and on even with a winter glove and the quiver is ambidextrous so it can be mounted for both left and right handed shooters. It has dual arrow grippers which eliminates the foam insert of the hood which have a tendency of dulling fixed bladed broadheads and deploying mechanical broadheads prematurely.

wishbone quiver camx crossbow

The package comes with the CAMX Accuspine spine indexed arrows. It includes six arrows that also include 100 grain bullet points and red anodized aluminum flat nocks. These are like no other commercially available crossbow arrows because they are spine indexed and matched. What that means is that the ACCUSpine arrow will be more consistent with one another as a result offering tighter groups. Even if you don’t shoot a CAMX crossbow you’ll want to look into some Accupspine arrows.
The foot stirrup is nice and wide so even a winter boot will fit though. It has a rubber coating to help cut down on noise and vibration.
The trigger is very crisp with no travel and CAMX claims a 3.5 pound pull. My trigger seemed to break very cleanly and I could not notice any creep. It has an enlarged trigger guard so to allow even the thickest winter gloves to comfortably fit. Did I mention this crossbow was made by a crossbow hunter for crossbow hunters?
One of the nicest features is the sling that comes with the Chaos 325 crossbow. It’s called the lo-ready sling and it allows you to carry the crossbow in front of you in the ready position. You can keep it connected to the crossbow at all times and it doesn’t get in the way when shooting it. It also allows you to have both your hands free at the same incase you need to rattle, use binoculars, etc. You can loosen one of the straps and crossbow can then be hung behind you comfortably with the front end, which is the heavy end, pointed downward.
Every crossbow that CAMX sells will be shot at the factory before leaving insuring that it meets the 325 fps speed and 1” at 20 yards accuracy using the included Accuspine arrows. They actually include the target in the box to show you the what your crossbow shot before leaving. That’s pretty cool!!!
As you can see the CAMX Chaos 325 is full of features that you as a crossbow hunter will appreciate.
The last thing I want to let you all know about is the CAMX Crossbows warranty. At CAMX, they are warranting the crossbow, not you as the crossbow hunter. What this means is that you have a full lifetime warranty that is transferable to anyone who owns the crossbow over the life of the bow. That’s pretty awesome. There are no fees or special paperwork involved either. You can check out the Chaos 325 and find more information about CAMX Crossbows at They do sell direct to the customer so you don’t have to worry about finding a dealer near you and offer a 10 day money back guarantee if it does not preform as advertised. Another industry first.
Watch below for a review of the CAMX Chaos 325 crossbow and its features!!!!!


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