Carbon Express Quiet Crank Cocking Aid

quiet crank cocking aid from carbon express

New from Carbon Express Crossbows is the Quiet Cranks hand cocking aid. This is a winch style cocking aid that will fit into any Carbon Express crossbow. This new cocking aid is totally silent and is said to pull more consistently than than conventional methods due to an “anti-torque” mounting shaft. Being more consistent in the drawing process means equal amount of limb pressure to each limb which then results in a cleaner release of the crossbow string. This cleaner release helps with downrange accuracy and shot to shot consistency. Because there is no clicking sound like a boat winch like you would find on many other crank style cocking aids, the Quiet Crank is perfect for those that need to cock a crossbow while hunting. This is all made possible by the “quiet clutch” design and “no slip brake” which keeps the crossbow hunter safe during the cocking process.
Compared to cocking your crossbow by hand, the new “Quiet Crank” cocking aid form Carbon Express reduces the amount of energy needed to cock your crossbow by as much as 94%. It weighs in at only 1 pound so it is very portable. It also attaches and detaches from your carbon express crossbow in just a few seconds. The crank cocking aid will work for both right or left handed shooters thanks to the quick detachable handle. Cost of the Quiet Crank cocking aid is said to be right at $100.00

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