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Crossbow Soft Case

Crossbow Cases…..Hard, Soft, or None At All?

How do you keep your crossbow safe when transporting it to and from your hunting spot? Or maybe to the range? Or how about when it’s not in use? How do you store your bow when not in use? Most hunters will use a case of some sort. When dealing with crossbow cases, there are

Crossbow Treestand Blind

Crossbow Mishaps and Mistakes

Crossbows can be a great deal of fun to shoot and to hunt with. But they can also be dangerous if certain safety precautions aren’t followed. Sometimes, we can get distracted and forgot to do simple steps that can cause great damage to our crossbows, or worse, cause injury to ourselves or others around us.


The Crossbow…..A Perfect Fit for the Entire Family

Crossbows are becoming more and more popular every year. If you don’t already hunt with a crossbow, chances are you know somebody that does. The crossbow is a great tool to learn to hunt with. They have a relatively fast learning curve, no intimidating recoil or loud blast, and once purchased, they cost almost nothing

Black Eagle Crossbow Arrows

Crossbow Arrows and Components

There is a misconception that todays modern crossbows shoot bolts. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A crossbow bolt is much shorter than a crossbow arrow. Most of the time a bolt will will be 5” in length or less. Crossbow bolts also weigh a good bit more than any arrow you would ever

Excalibur Crossbow Front View

Crossbow Bow Technologies

Recurve crossbow technology has been around since the dawn of time. Well, pretty much anyways. It has been documented to be known to exist from somewhere around 6,000 BC. So it’s a pretty safe assumption that it is the oldest technology when it comes to the limb configuration of a crossbow. The recurve limb design

Parker Crossbow

Crossbow Components Explained

I thought that explaining what the essential components of a crossbow are and how they all work together to make a crossbow function would a good starting point for the “newbie” or beginning x-bow hunter. Without the knowledge of what each component is, you most likely would have a hard time following along while reading

Lighted Crossbow Nock

How Lighted Crossbow Nocks Can Effect Point if Impact

Lighted crossbow nocks can be a really cool accessory to add to your arrows. They allow hunters to follow their arrows in flight better, and also aid in helping to find arrows that have passed through animals buried into the floor of the woods. Even if you only intend on shooting your bow at targets

advantages of reverse draw crossbows

Advantages to Reverse Draw Crossbows

As a result of the popularity of crossbows, the crossbow industry is growing. As a result of a growing industry, crossbow technology is also growing more rapidly than ever before. In recent years, we have seen manufacturers experiment with new, state of the art materials, as well as thinking outside the box as to the


Railless Crossbows

Crossbows have been around forever. Well almost forever. It has been documented that the earliest known crossbow was from around 6000 B.C. One thing that has stayed consistent with most every crossbow built from that point up until now is that the bolt or arrow was held in place, and launched down some sort of

new to crossbows

New to Crossbows…..Here’s One Thing Not to Skimp On

Many hunters will be purchasing crossbows this year. Some will purchase one because it will be the only way for them to stay active in the woods. Others will purchase one just to test the waters, not knowing if a crossbow is the route they really want to go or not. In both cases, first

Excalibur Crossbow

Buying a Crossbow Without the Package

Go into any sporting goods store in any state that allows the use of crossbows for hunting and you’ll most likely find multiple choices when it comes to crossbow packages for purchase. You can usually find these packages priced to fit almost every budget. But what you won’t find is the option to buy just

heavy crossbow image

Is Your Crossbow Too Heavy?

One question I see from time to time that pops up on the Crossbow Nation forum is; What are you looking for in the perfect crossbow? This question is often replied to by many of the members in a variety of ways. One thing that seems to be consistent with most of the answers is

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