Kansas Rut Hunt

On this episode of Crossbow Nation TV we head to Kansas on a November rut crossbow hunt. Jeff has his Excalibur crossbow and is prepared to sit from sun up to sun down on this hunt. It’s easy to do because there is so much action going on. On the 5th day of the hunt, a hot doe brings a buck into a thicket that Jeff is overlooking. Jeff watches the buck and doe for 4 hours before the doe leads the buck into range of Jeffs crossbow. After a perfectly placed arrow, the buck drops on camera and there is no tracking on this buck. Jeff grabs climbs down from his treestand, and grabs his arrow on the way to his buck. It’s a big Kansas 9 pointer scoring in the upper 140’s.

Note: Jeff had the privilege to hunt with with Horseshoe Hill Outfitters on this particular hunt. Horseshoe Hill Outfitters has outfits in a few states and Canada specializing in deer and bear hunts as well as other big game. Please visit the HHO website the next time you are looking to book a hunt. Horseshoe Hill Outfitters

Jeff’s gear on this hunt:

  • Excalibur Matrix Crossbow
  • Black Eagle Executioner Arrow
  • Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Crossbow Broadhead
  • Lumenok Lighted Flat Crossbow Nock
  • Hawke Optics Binoculars and Scope


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