Kids, Crossbows, and Kills

This is a really special edition of Crossbow Nation TV. On this episode we join 4 youngsters as they all shoot doe with their CAMX crossbows. On the first hunt we head to South Carolina to hunt with Travis Lowe. Travis is hunting on a family farm over a food plot. He’s all setup in a box blind when a group of deer come out to feed. The deer give Travis a broadside shot and he absolutely pinwheels the one hes after. He picks up the blood trail after giving the deer some time to expire and quickly finds his deer.

On the second hunt we join P.J. Zentiska on an Ohio whitetail hunt. P.J. is setup in a treestand during Ohio’s early muzzle loader season so he has to wear an orange vest while hunting. Well it has no effect on the deer because he has a couple of them right in front of him feeding. After waiting for a clear shot, P.J. sends and arrow and drops a big doe right in her tracks. No tracking this one.

Our third hunter is youth hunter Michael Carrol. Michael is hunting with his father Bruce at one of the other CrossPros house (Kenny Leonardi) in Northeast Ohio. They are setup in an elevated box blind over a feeder. A big doe comes in and gives Michael an easy shot. Michael sends an arrow and this doe drops right in her tracks too. Man these kids really know how to put the venison on the ground.

Last up to bat is Bo Hunter Scheetz so of CrossPro Larry Scheetz. Bo and Larry are hunting during youth shotgun season in Ohio which requires them to wear orange even though they are still using a crossbow. They are setup in an elevated box blind over a soybean field. The have a young deer feeding there way and Bo waits patiently for the right opportunity. He finally gets a shot and its a good one. The deer doesn’t run far and Bo gets some valuable experience tracking his deer.

A big congrats to all of these youth hunters for getting it done under the pressure of being filmed for the CNTV show. An even bigger thanks goes out to the Family and Friends that went along with these young hunters to take time out of their hunting and work schedules so that they could pass along this great tradition we all love.

All the boys gear on these hunts were:

  • CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbows
  • Black Eagle Arrows
  • Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Broadheads
  • Lumenok Lighted Crossbow Nocks


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