Monster 8 Point with a Crossbow

On this episode of Crossbow Nation TV we follow CrossPro Jeff Becka on a deer hunt in southeastern Ohio. It’s mid November and the rut is on and bucks are on their feet. Jeff has been crossbow hunting for a week straight for one particular monster 8 point buck.  He’s had multiple encounters with the buck and on the second to last morning, deer are moving early. Jeff spots the buck and it’s headed his way. The huge 8 point walks right down the trail in front of Jeff’s stand. Jeff shoots the buck at 25 yards with his CAMX crossbow and the buck takes off running but falls right on camera in view of the stand. With no tracking job needed Jeff cannot wait to get down from his stand and gets his hands on this giant 8 point. Once Jeff gets up to his buck he realizes just how magnificent of an animal he’s taken and how lucky he is as a hunter.

Jeff’s gear on this hunt:

  • CAMX Crossbow
  • Black Eagle Executioner Arrow
  • Wac’em Broadhead
  • Lumenok Lighted Crossbow Nock

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