The Last Strut

On this episode of the Crossbow Nation TV series we are headed back down south to Georgia to hunt for tukey. Our hunter is Levi Mitchell who killed two turkey last year for us on CNTV. So something tells me Levi is going to be on the birds again this year. Levi is setup on the ground in a little clearing where he knows longbeards like to come and strut. After a short calling sequence Levi has some birds responding. Two big toms walk right into Levi’s setup and gives him a nice close shot. Levi makes a perfect shot and the bird hits the ground. This makes 3 turkey for Levi on 3 shots all from his CAMX crossbow. That’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment. Congrats Levi!!!!

Lev’s gear on this hunt:

  • CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbow
  • Black Eagle Executioner Arrow
  • Lumenok Lighted Crossbow Nock
  • Wasp Broadhead



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