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First and foremost, we request that users of this discussion forum obey the Golden Rule:

* Show RESPECT for this website, this discussion forum, its members, moderators and administrators.

Follow the Golden Rule and the rest is usually self explanatory. However, since further clarification is often necessary, here are some general guidelines

1. No profanity, vulgar language or abbreviations of said language, inappropriate photos or videos; all of said will be edited or deleted. If it is questionable, then it is inappropriate. Youth are the future of our sport, so please keep these forums appropriate for all ages. We are grateful for our members children being introduced to our sport and our many female members so please keep that in mind.

2. Personal attacks, derogatory name calling or vendettas will not be tolerated, Action taken for offenders will be the discretion of moderators/ administrator

3. If you are not mature enough to discuss controversial topics in a civil and respectful manner or are oversensitive to disagreement, then avoid posting to such topics.

4. Do not use the forum for personal communication. This also causes forum clutter. Personal messages are much more suitable for personal communication.

5. Market Place is intended for regular members only to buy and sell personal items. Please do not post links or refer to, E-bay or similar type sites or list third-party items for sale. Do not post to critique a member listing in market place. If you feel you have valuable information for a member selling an item, use a personal message. Market place is not intended for commercial nor excessive personal use. Any post appearing to be from a business, from a member that only posts in the market place forum, or excessive posts will be removed subject to the Moderator/Administrator’s judgment.

6. New members will be able to view the market place forum but will not be able to utilize the market place forum for selling items until they have contributed a minimum of 20 posts. Members Items for sale or wanted can only be listed in market place.

7. Linking - Links to manufacturers and personal pages will be tolerated. You may not link to any direct competitor of CrossbowNation.com, E-bay or similar type web sites, or link to just advertise a product or service. Furthermore, linking to your favorite dealer or anything other than a casual mentioning of a dealer is not allowed unless they take part in the Crossbow Nation advertising program. We reserve the right to delete any link for any reason.

8. We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the discussion forum as a whole. Please note that from time to time topics may be removed or threads locked for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you and do not take these actions personally.

9. Members may not argue a Moderator/Administrator’s decisions or actions publicly, as in the open forums. If you have a question over what is appropriate or a complaint, direct it by personal message to a Moderator/Administrator.

10. Crossbow Nation is a privately owned and funded site. While open for public use, this is not a democracy. Therefore membership is a privilege and not a right. Forum rules are not up for debate.

11. Posting Private Messages on the Discussion Forum is not appropriate and will result in a warning and possible ban.

12. Also, remember you will get out of this discussion forum what you put into it. If you are always argumentative and only post to controversial topics, using snide remarks or detrimental sarcasm, don't expect members or Moderator/Administrators to welcome you with open arms nor be surprised when others respond back to you in the same manner.

If the above described behavior by an offending member continues after warning, said member may be suspended or banned from Crossbow Nation at the discretion of the Moderators/Administrators.

13. We do not allow fundraising, charity or otherwise, without prior approval. Please contact the Administrator for permission before posting anything to do with fundraising.

14. Anti-crossbow threads and post are not allowed here on Crossbow nation. By our definition of anti-crossbow, this is any thread or post that is against or detrimental to the acceptance of crossbows as an archery tool for general use or hunting. Any member deemed in violation of this rule is subject to being banned.

15. By agreeing to these rules you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening or in violation of any law. The owners, administrators, moderators reserve the right to remove, edit or close any thread for any reason.