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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by Sherwood, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Couple years ago, I struggled with the decision which crossbow to buy. I'd sold both my recurve bows for more than I'd forecast and was ready to buy but so many choices...

    I decided between these three:

    - slightly used Horton Legend for $300.

    - display model/slightly used Parker Buck Buster for $350.

    - older HuntMaster by Ten Point for $250. with case and 3 arrows

    I chose the HuntMaster because of reputation and seemed like the BEST value. Was it the the BEST choice? The answer will always be unclear. But my crossbow is very accurate (loud too) and has taken a couple nice deer for me. My plan is to keep it until re-build cost exceeds value. In other words, I wouldn't spend $300. to replace components when a new Parker can be purchased for about this figure.

    Long time ago, my eyeballs were attracted to the older Horton Safari model with walnut stock and odd shaped steel brackets which fasten the compound wheels to the bow limbs. Have not seen one in many years.

    Any members here ever handled or shot the Horton Safari or Safari Express?

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    Allthough you couldnt pry my Vision out of my hands if you tried, yes I have shot the old safaris.
    They were excelent bows in their day, and still kill a ton of critters every year.
    I think it was that walnut stock, but I to would love to have one hanging in my shop.
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    yep. I still have one of the Scottish built Safari "magnums" circa 1981 with the steel prod and the first plastic stock that became the recognized profile of the American made Hortons

    What was funny was Bernard Horton was pictured with a big moose he had slain with this little bow and its short power stroke and when I ran a shop people would tell me that say a 150 Pound Excalibur Vixen with the much longer powerstroke and the much faster glass limbs was somehow underpowered for white tails here in ohio and they needed a 200 pound Exocet.

    I'd whip out that old picture and tell them how fast my old Horton shot
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    I used to have a Safari Magnum too, built like a brick outhouse, nothing ever went wrong with it. Yep it was no speed freak like many of todays bows, but could do the job when the guy holding it was doing his/hers. I've got that pic of Bernard and the moose, and the bow is well and truely dwarfed by the target!

    I reckon the Safari did under 200fps, anyone have any more accurate figures?

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