Gale Force (A Quick Review)

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    I picked up my new Gale Force yesterday and I could hardly wait to shoot it. It was a little too late to shoot it last night so I had to wait until today.

    I bought the Outfitter with 3X Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope package and the Red Hot Soft Case, I really didn't need anything else since I had arrows, cocker's, lube, sling and points from prior purchases. I managed to save a few bucks by doing it that way
    There is a definite difference in the way the Gale Force shoulders, no bulky stock and the checkered pistol grip fits my hand perfectly. I have small hands and the pistol grip is on the thin side so it’s comfortable and it feels secure in my hand. The adjustable vented forearm didn’t have to be touched; it felt good to me so I left it alone. I may play with it later to see if it makes a balance difference.

    Parkers new EZ Pull System makes the Gale Force easier to cock than my 2011 Tornado, and my Hornet Extreme, I’m not sure what Parker did to make that improvement but it worked. I heard they did something with the cams. I cocked it using the Red Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker and the Sidewinder Crank Cocker. Let me say a few words about the Crank Cocker. At first it was a little slow and cumbersome to use, I felt uncomfortable using it, I think it was because I didn’t trust it, now that I am used to using it I have to say it’s a great little piece of equipment, especially if you’re shooting and sitting down, like you do when you’re in a ground blind. You can crank it while you’re sitting down, you don’t have to get up from your chair after every shot to cock your bow. Another thing I would like to mention is consistency, I’m short and my bow is always at an angle when I cock it, it’s kind of hard to keep the same amount of pressure on each side of the string when you cock it, the Crank Cocker totally eliminates that problem. It’s not just for people with shoulder problems or an ageing hunter like me. I really like it, I would like it even more if Parker would lower the price, it is kind of pricy.

    What I noticed the most is the trigger, it is much easier to release than both my other bows. I was a little surprised when I squeezed off the first shot. I haven’t read anything about Parker making any modifications on the trigger; the Gale Force has a Bull Pup Trigger similar to the Tornado so I’m thinking they should be pretty much the same and they aren’t. I’m pleasantly surprised.

    The adjustable AR styled stock is a little noisy if you bump it, but that can be easily fixed with a little electrical tape. (I read that here on CN and it works.) Other than that I like the stock and the idea of being able to make adjustments for weather and your choice of clothes.

    The one thing I can’t say much about is accuracy, I was so intent on shooting today I totally ignored the heavy wind gusts we had around here. I just wanted to get the feel of my new bow. I managed to get all of my shots within a three inch circle at 20 yards, but I can’t say much more than that. If it isn't windy I may be able to sight it in tomorrow.

    I hope this little review will be of some help to those of you that are thinking about purchasing the Gale Force. I’m no professional but I know what I like and so far Parker has managed to keep me for a customer. Remember try it before you buy it.
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