Hawke XB30 vs Tenpoint Rangemaster

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  1. Hunter2

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    West Tennessee
    How do these scopes compare in size. weight, cost and overall performance?
  2. bolzenschuss

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    I can only say something about the Rangemaster. I have won this scope 1 Month ago on a crossbow tournament. The reticle is great for 3D-shooting. The view is crisp and clear. But i must say, the magnification is only 1,5-5 . So it has to be clear and bright. At 60m the dot-reticle is filling the hole middle ( yellow) part of a 60cm Fita target( set the scope at 340fps). So it´s not my first choice for taget shooting.
    I also think it`s to expensive.
    There is one think what is been noticeable : the XB30 has better turrets. Take a look at deben.com.
    I have the suspicion, that both scopes come from the same factory............
    take a look on the xb30 !!! I love the hawke 3x32 MAP. best scope ever......

    greetings bolzenschuss
  3. Moon

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    I suspect that optically they will be close in performance and that it will boil down mostly to reticle design preferences. I'm trying to get a TP now to compare it to the XB30.
  4. vh64

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    northeastern Michigan
    I have the new rangemaster pro on my carbon fusion cls. As far as the clarity I can't find a single flaw. The length is 8.25 inches so it's a couple inches shorter than the xb30 and a few ounces lighter but I don't believe that's anything you'll notice too much. My personal opinion the two Scopes are going to come down to the dots or crosshairs and the major difference is price. Tenpoint wants top dollar for most things, but you do get a good product. But at around a hundred dollars difference I Think the Xb 30 wins. I want light gathering capabilities and the rangemaster pro is awesome, but the xb 30 is a 30mm tube so im sure it would be equal. The rangemaster was designed for ease of use and hunting situation performance and you won't be disappointed in any of these areas. Just preferences when compared apple to apple. I'm extremely happy with the rangemaster scope and have no complaints for what it is advertised to perform.

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