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Discussion in 'Horton Crossbows' started by RAV, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Called Horton a couple of weeks ago to get a spare string for the cocking device. They said it is a repair only part and the whole unit needed to be sent back.

    Went out the other day for my first day in the stand with the Crossbow and broke the string on the first cocking attempt. The night before, I had marked the bow string with a marker to indicate if it was centered and this came in handy when I hand cocked the bow and needed to center it after it was cocked.

    At the end of the day, disassemble and fixed the break (was at the end). Not too complicated once the fastening screws broke free (a little rusty).

    Anyone have any thoughts on what to use as a replacement string. Simple math shows 200 lbs (mine is 175lbs) divided by 4 equals 50 lb test.

    Will look for some string around this tensile strength. Saw some mason's string (about 18lbs) and considered using some highperformance braid fishing line.

    Any thoughts?????????
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    ON the older style ez winder they need to come in to have new string on the newer style EZ Crank you can call Horton to have string sent to you.

    Lady Horton

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