how may twists should there be in my string

Discussion in 'Barnett Crossbows' started by kiwitaranaki, Dec 12, 2013.

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    i have a new string on the way for my Barnett crossbow how many complete 360 degree twists should there be in the string when i replace it
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    Hi kiwitaranski,
    The correct answer should come from Barnett, since they're the makers of the string and the crossbow. Either place a call to their product support people and ask or if they have a website message system, you can always e-mail them the the question.

    Whatever number they provide, just keep in mind that string twists are placed on one end of attachment point. We never twist both ends. Always count the direction and number of twists being placed on a string. After doing this, the first thing you should do is to paper test your new string. Set up and go thru a Paper Tuning process. This is how you'll best be able to determine if you've put the correct number of twists and in the correct direction on the new string. If you have a clean perfect hole with no tears, you're good to go. If you have any tears, the direction of the tears will tell you which way you need to go in order to correct the problem.

    Keep us posted and we can help you correct any problems that you might have after putting on the new string and cables.


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    When replacing the shooting string, idealy the twist should be in the rotation of the center serving, otherwise you are essentialy unraviling it and it will loosen prematurly, and 5 to 8 full twist is a good place to start, and the static string length itself will right itself equaly.However when you change your cables you must digilently retime your cams at the static position as close as ossible for best accuracy, twisting and tunning of the shooting string itself has little effect on tunning of the arrow other than peakweght and overall draw lenght of the bow,changing your cables is much more involved and may be best left to someone with more experiance!!!

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