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    The use of Links.
    Lately we at Crossbow Nation have been trying to come up with a policy on linking to other sites. We tried not allowing any links and soon realized that this simply would not work. What we are trying to accomplish by enforcing a linking policy is to keep content on the Crossbow Nation site. In the past, we have seen such links to YouTube that had inappropriate content and links to other forums that end up in an abundance of un-welcomed guests. Both are things that we just don't need here at CN. We now realized that in certain situations, a link to another site may be the only way to relay information effectively. So we will be allowing links, but in the end it is up to the Administrators, and or Moderators discretion as to the value of the content supplied by the link. Furthermore, linking to, or plugging your favorite dealer will not be allowed unless they take part in the Crossbow Nation advertising programs.

    So here is rule #6

    6. Linking - Links to manufacturers and personal pages will be tolerated.
    You may not link to any direct competitor of or link to
    just advertise a product or service. Furthermore, linking to or plugging
    your favorite dealer is not allowed unless they take part in the Crossbow
    Nation advertising program. We reserve the right to delete any link for any reason

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