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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by OldFart, Oct 29, 2010.

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    I would like your input/s (any) on red dot sights vs scopes.

    1. Can I get the same or nearly same precision from a red dot?

    2. If I got a crossbow with a red dot and later decided to go to a scope, I was wondering how much trouble and expense it would be??

    3. Are the bases and rings different for a crossbow. Believe I've read somewhere of 7/8 in rings for crossbows.
    I was wondeing if I might could use a currently owned gun scope??

    Thanks Ray
  2. SEW

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    I don't like red dots due to size of the dot but that's just my personal feelings. I use rifle scopes on both of my x-bows. I prefer the variable magnification and better optics. I used to use Sightron 2 42 mm 3X12 mil doton each and the mil dots were my range marks. . I did all my shooting on 4X but could zoom in and look at things. I now have an HHA Optimizer on each x-bow with a 4200 2.5X10 on one and a Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5X10 on the other. My low light capability is much enhanced by the usage of these 2 very good scopes. Also, I can now shoot on any power I want. The farther you shoot the more the variable power helps and the more important very low light shooting is to you the more you will appreciate an excellent rifle scope , even on an x-bow. The reason I don't have a $2,000+ scope on my x-bow is that I can't afford it. My wife says I can't afford it. If I could, I'd have it. That's just my opinion.
  3. RonS

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    Ray,I had a Parker multi dot red dot scope on my Parker crossbow. At first I thought it was great,but on one hunt I had a nice deer comming in,and when I turned it on,the battery was dead! Nothing to aim with! :angry: I went to a Varizone scope,and never looked back! I can see better,at longer distances,it will allways be "on",no batterys,and it has more aiming points! The red dot wasn't as precise as a scope,due to the dot size,and no magnifaction! There are rings for 1 inch scopes that will work well! The Varizone is around 100.00
  4. Cossack

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    No MN
    1. Red dots are less precise, no magnification
    2. You can get a very serviceable crossbow scope for @ $70 (Hawke MAP) A little more if you prefer one with lighted reticule.
    3. Most ded dots have an itegral fastener that attaches it to the base. Most scopes use rings and base. Most bases are a 1" Weaver or type Picatinny type. ( Barnett excluded 3/4"). Rings often come with the scope, inexpensive if not.
    Base comes with most bows (Excalibur excluded) less than $20.00

    Judging by your handle, you'd appreciate the magnfcation of a scope.:rolleyes:
  5. mopar1969

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    I don't like the red dots I prefer a regular scope.

    My son's both had red dots one would not switch on when he was in the stand new battery swithc just went bad. The kids battery died when getting ready to hunt.

    Hate to depend on a battery device.

    Tornado came with Hawke Map - great scope
    replaced on son's w/ a 10 point
    the other chose a hawke SR which has dot's and scope.

    IMHO - never own a red dot again.

    good luck
  6. Spike

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    I prefer a multi-reticle scope.
  7. kennisondan

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    I have both and prefer a scope for all the reasons others stated.. that said.. if the range is short and you are bothered by the amount magnification shows shaking, a red dot is fast, and accurate enough for close work.
    most will vote for the scope with different aiming points to aid in shooting at different
  8. vaguru

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    A correction to the post by my friend Cossack. Barnett is using a standard 7/8" picatinny now for most of the scope mounting bases. Those with red dots still use the smaller, and there are rings available in 1" to fit those as well.

    But.....I like scopes, for all the above mentioned reasons.
  9. scumhunter

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    My Cyclone came with a 4x Truglo multi-retical scope. Just for giggles, one day I put my old 2-7x shotgun scope on just to try it out. I never went back to my multi-retical X-bow scope. I can shoot a tick off a doe's ear when I crank it up to 7x.;)

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