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Discussion in 'PSE Crossbows' started by Luv2turn, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Can anyone recommend a replacement stock for the tac 15i?

    I don't get a comfortable "spot weld" with the current stock.

    There might be an add on item that would correct this.

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    Hi Mike,
    Many TAC15i owners have similar concerns, but fortunately they are easy to correct. Depending which scope you are using and weather or not you are using an HHA Optimizer Speed Dial on your xbow will account for a lot of the siting problems.

    I found that the package offered Leaper's 3 x 12 x 44 MM Scope had a 4.5" eye relief that was longer than I liked. Also the fact that the scope was 15" long seemed to push my head back to far to get a good shoulder position against the Buttstock. If you are using an HHA Optimizer you are also raising the height of the scope which lowers the crossbows position against your shoulder when you go to look thru your scope.

    I went with a compact Leapers 3 x 12 x 44 scope that is only 10" long and has a 3.5" eye relief. But more importantly I added a check rest to my stock which provides consistent placement of my cheek, so the eye to scope distance remains consistent each time I shoot.

    I also replaced my Buttstock tube and Buttstock with an after market product. My Buttstock tube is an extended tube that adds an extra inch and a half and my Buttstock is a six position which provides more adjustable positions than the standard 4 position from PSE.

    Most of these items and many others can be found on Brownell's website, since they are the largest dealer in AR-15 parts and supplies.

    I would recommend looking at the Magpul Buttstocks because they are some of the nicest and most versatile in the industry. I bought my AR-15 Checkrest at Cabela's Outdoors Store online. It was only about $20 or $25 dollars and adds a great deal of comfort and accuracy to your shooting.

    If you should decide to change out your back end equipment let me know and I can direct you to an article that I wrote that contains the step-by-steps. Trust me, it's easy and quick once you have your parts. Estimated length of time is about 5 or 10 minutes.



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