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Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by Tim50, Sep 13, 2015.

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    I asked this about a year ago & got some good replies from members and it was going to be a possible consideration. We currently have forums only for those states that have "State Crossbow Organizations". The organization in Pennsylvania has long ago given up the ghost and states like Mississippi & North Carolina have not posted in over a year. Would just making the Forum a state forum rather than a "Organization" forum better serve the members? I live in Western Pennsylvania and I personally would find a forum for Ohio & West Virginia helpful if I were choosing to return to these states to hunt. Also the members of states without an "Organization" could find a home to share hunting info & other state specific info. I am not suggesting you just add all the states but add them upon request. I also realize that adding forums is not just plug & play and you must be concerned with how it impacts the forum from a management/software/size perspective. Many things are much easier said than done! Thanks for your time & I for one appreciate what your have done here for the crossbow community.
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    Quite a few of the Federations don't generate much activity, and to drop some of those and add states that have high volume quality deer hunting, but do not have a Federation, as mentioned before, possibly would generate more activity from members. But as the member stated before me. I have no clue what all this takes, or how hard or how much is involved in doing a change. With that being said. Would just say it's just a thought. This is the best crossbow site on the net, in my opinion, and a great job is being done to make it a great information to the hunting community. NICE JOB !!! PS. I don't agree with Tim50 on much lol , but this might be something to look into, at least going forward.
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    I'll take this into consideration. I have been busy building a new site. Should be out in a couple of weeks. I was going to change some things around in the state rooms anyhow.

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