Why do you use a crossbow?

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I use a crossbow because.......

  1. The sheer enjoyment of it

  2. More comfortable with a crossbow than a vertical bow

  3. Medical, Please state reason IF you feel comfortable doing so

  4. Help control buck fever

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  5. Easier to shoot in cold weather than a vertical bow

  6. Personal preference

  7. Ease of use compared to vertical bow

  8. Other

  1. buckmaster221

    buckmaster221 Active Member

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    Southern Mid-Michigan
    I do not as of yet own a crossbow, but am hoping to have one by hunting season next year. I know weapons are a personal choice and I am just curious as to why you use one.

    For me, the reasons are probably the same as some of you. I have shoulder issues and it's getting more difficult, especially in cold weather to pull back my vert bow. It's also beginning to hurt more when I practice so the crossbow is becoming more of a necessity.

    Buck fever. I may be kidding myself on this one, but I FEEL like I will be able to control myself better with a crossbow than my vertical bow. I have been shooting with a scoped rifle for better than 30 years and once I have the deer in my scope, I know it's a matter of putting the crosshair behind the shoulder and squeeze the trigger. I have missed twice this year with my vertical bow primarily due to buck fever and I feel a weapon change may help me control my nerves better.

    I also like the ease of use compared to a vertical bow. I don't think anyone would disagree that shooting a crossbow is easier overall than shooting a vertical bow. Notice I didn't say that it was EASY, just easier. It still has to be cocked, loaded and then the shot made. However, a 4 y.o. can be taught to shoot a crossbow with relative ease compared to a vertical bow with fewer hours of teaching. I am not condoning nor am I saying that a 4 y.o. should be shooting ANY weapon w/o proper adult supervision, I am merely stating that the overall learning curve is easier with a crossbow.

    I like the fact that I can use a x-bow in a ground blind easier than a vertical bow. One thing that a lot of people don't take into consideration when shooting in a ground blind is the width/depth of the blind itself. From my own experience, I have found that I have to sit in the blind a certain way in order for my arrow not to hit the edge of the blind. I have to draw and then potentially turn into the window to make the shot. Even if you are not seen, the possibility of being heard is greater with all of that movement.

    I do not want any bashing of other peoples reasons as to why they choose to use a crossbow, nor do I want any bashing of character. This is for my own and possibly other peoples curiosity. Let's have fun with it and feel free to list any other reasons for using a crossbow NOT listed in the poll.
  2. cal45

    cal45 Senior Member

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    Willington, Connecticut
    I use a crossbow because I have arthritis and can't pull back a vertical bow. I also can't raise my left arm up high enough to clear the string on my chest. I got a permit from the state to use one. The reason I used was that I had busted up my arm in a traffic accident and couldn't pull a vertical back. I'm not being treated for the arthritis.
  3. Twanger

    Twanger Member

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    I started out using a crossbow because I was having a hard time beating buck fever.

    Now after many years I have successfully transitioned to using a vertical bow for most of my bow-hunting season. However, in the late season when the leaf cover is all gone, clothes become cumbersome, and muscles are cold, I switch to the crossbow.

    Also, it's fun to become proficient with more than one weapon, and to hunt with them all.

    SPECIALIZED Super Moderator

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    years ago after taking a fine doe, as I was field dressing my kill ,the Blade made a wrong turn and severed
    a ligament in my left hand that controls my thumb. After two surgeries and months of physical
    therapy it was clear my upright bow hunting days were over. I got into crossbows with a passion, learning
    about and purchasing, buying & selling several crossbows, I now own four. I continue to really enjoy
    my hunting and maybe if I had known how interesting and fun the crossbow is, I would have tried
    crossbow hunting years ago.
  5. Guide Girl

    Guide Girl Obsessed Huntress

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    I use one because I thought it was an awesome way to hunt. I also love the history of the tool. I don't like gun noise, and I like being able to shoot hogs after dark, and to see everything up close, so this is the perfect hunting tool for me.
    I chose it because it was original and unique when I began my hunting career. No one else was using one-yet. I wanted to be one of the first to try it and I ended up liking it so well, I put up all my other hunting tools with exception of the .44 side arm I carry for safety purposes in deep south Texas.
    I still bow fish with a vertical bow, but I'm not over my fasination and obsession with the crossbow and it's been many, many years since I first dreamed of using one. It's been a great path I found myself on due to picking one up, and I can't get enough.
    I realized I found a new sport of night hunting hogs and that is my favorite thing to do more than day hunting deer in nice weather. Give me a choice and I'll go sit on the ground 20 yards with wild boar after dark every time. It has the adrenaline junkies thrill to it, compared to just shooting deer.
    I get teased at the recordbook awards banquet I attend most every year. They always state when they call me up " If a 180 class buck and a 300 lb boar hog were standing side by side, they know the hog will hit the ground before the deer". and that's the truth.
  6. Old Longhair

    Old Longhair Crazy Ol' Foole

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    Mid-Michigan Cornfields
    I voted "Other" in the poll, only because I couldn't pick more than one reason. I do it as a matter of sheer pleasure and personal preference. I love having as many options as I can, and I found that most of my hunting/shooting was within bow range anyway.
    And not kidding myself, as I age, it is easier to bring myself to face the cold of late season if I don't have to draw my vert after sitting still (and frozen) for two hours.
  7. dbllungem

    dbllungem Member

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    This is my first year hunting with a crossbow. I actually bought a new vertical with lower draw weight last year due to a shoulder surgery that never healed quite right. Then this spring I injured my back at work. Surgery was imminent and there was no way anything was gonna keep me from hunting this fall. To be honest, I originally purchased my crossbow as a fallback option. Spent and continue to spend lots of time shooting and absorbing the limitless knowledge shared on this site. Had back surgery in August. I was able to draw my vertical a few times a couple weeks before season opened, but not enough to practice like I wanted. Season opened October 1st. Used my crossbow, and was fortunate enough to take a couple deer. Found myself constantly trying to explain myself to my bowhunting "buddies" as to what I like about a crossbow. What it boils down to is, it's something you have to experience for yourself. The assumptions, the limitations and most of the out-and-out mis-conceptions about crossbows are something you have to literally see to believe. I absolutely LOVE this thing! Will probably end up selling my vert. All the challenges associated with bowhunting are still there for me................Why do I use a crossbow?
  8. Tmackey

    Tmackey New Member

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    ^ This.

    I like to use my bow, crossbow, muzzle loader and my rifle. Shoot, if I could figure out how to use one of those atlatl's, I'd use one of those too. :)
  9. U.P. Hunter

    U.P. Hunter Senior Member

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    I voted personal preference. I think it actually encompasses some of the other choices such as, enjoymet shooting, ease of shooting, comfort etc. Similar to coyote hunting I use a Savage Predator Hunter in .243 and also use an AR. I still use a vertical bow as much my xbow. Just really enjoy the choice and the aspects and features both give you during the hunt.
  10. rgarey77

    rgarey77 New Member

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    I have shot bow & arrow all my life from recurve,long bow,compound and can shoot good to say the least and that was with the old equipment any body remember the Bear whitetail II? it was what me and my dad lived for I live with it. I owned my frist crossbow when I was 14 years old it was a Barnett ranger I couldn't hunt with it then, as I look back that was a dumb law I think I still have it over my dads house. I just love arrow flight and the stealthness of bow hunting it's not the gun feel I have heard people say about us crossbow user's or the ease of use (and most of the people that say those things haven't even shot half as long as me I guess in there ignorance they see me come in with a crossbow and think I am a beginner) like football,UFC,basketball,hockey it's all a sport some like the one better then the other but who can say that one is better. It's a individuals choice My GOD given right the way I choose to hunt as long as it's safe.
  11. Moon

    Moon Senior Member

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    I currently shoot and hunt with large bore handguns, muzzle loaders, both modern and 58 caliber 1841 Mississippi rifles, compound crossbows, recurve crossbows and even a 15th century medieval crossbow. I had to stop shooting and hunting with recurves and longbows almost 7 years ago due to arhtritis. Back then, shooting and hunting with crossbows was because I had no other choice if I wanted to continue bowhunting and shooting arrows BUT today, as with all the other stuff I shoot and hunt with, it's because I want to. Thank God for crossbows. What a wonderful method of flinging arrows!!:)
  12. Gimmymac

    Gimmymac Getting More Senior By The Minute Member

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    For me, sheer pleasure. I love the feel of all that power I hold in my hands. Two years ago I started hunting with my crossbow because I was being left out of part of the full hunting season. I was having to hunt varmints during archery season while the rest of the members hunted deer with the v-bow. Being 5'3" and not strong enough to pull back the string on a v-bow I elected not to bow hunt deer at all during archery season. For my 65th birthday, I bought myself a crossbow and it gives me an additional weapon to hunt deer and an great amount of pleasure to use.
  13. drizzu213

    drizzu213 New Member

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    I bought a crossbow because my rotator cuff is torn pretty bad and I couldn't shoot my v bow without having severe pain and discomfort for days after shooting. Since I have been using a crossbow, I noticed with the much less movement involved in shooting I spook less deer and no longer have to climb in trees to hunt, so It has opened up a whole new way of hunting for me and I enjoy hunting more now than ever!
  14. hankenhunter

    hankenhunter Guest

    I'm 50 and after 35 years of shooting my dads old .303 parker hale I lost the thrill
    of the hunt. When I picked up my first excal. 1 1/2 years ago I immediately started to
    get that lovin feeling again right off. Had To go to x-bows because of rotator cuff
    problems.(21 dislocations and 3 surgeries.Other wise I would have went vertical.
    Havnt looked back since.
    Hank :D
  15. ronwend523

    ronwend523 New Member

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    Southern Minnesota
    I began shooting archery back in 1970 when my uncle gave me a 40# fiberglass bow. At 10 feet I could maybe hit a pie plate, most of the time. I bought 2 broadhead arrows and went hunting. Thank god I never had the chance to shoot at a deer cause who knows where I'd have hit it if at all. I traded that bow for a Fred Bear recurve, I learned about sights and my success in hiting something grew. In 1978 I bought my first compound. A fred Bear Whitetail Hunter. WOW!!! I could shoot and hit a pie plate out to 25 yards. I began learning more and more from other archers and the next fall I shot my first deer. Once I had broken the ice, success hunting, grew and grew. And so did the number of different compounds I tryed. And so grew the number of gadgets I tryed. In 2004 I had a quadruple bypass that shut me down from drawing a vertical bow, for a time. My bow hunting took a setback and I longed to get back into it. In 2007, after making a move to southern Minnesota, I tryed shooting an 80% let-off compound and found I could do it if it were set around 55#. I bought a new Martin Cheetah and started shooting and that fall was in the field. Because of my changed surroundings, I was unsure of places I could hunt and I found myself not getting out like I used to. A couple years went by and I became dissapointed with it all. Early last spring I did something to my shoulder that put the end to shooting a compound, completely. Just one more straw on the cammels back. To add to the mess, my experience with firearms hunting in Southern MN put a sour taste in my mouth and I made up my mind, I had to make a change. I was going to continue to live where my wife and I had settled so my style of hunting would have to change. After my heart surgury in 2004, I had applyed for a crossbow permit from the DNR and got it. I hadn't done anything with it but now was going to be the time. I ordered an Excalibur Vortex and I'm on my way to learning every thing I can, about it. So far I'm liking what I see.
  16. vixenmaster

    vixenmaster Guest

    I choose medical, as i am disabled. I also love the sheer pleasure of shooting & hunting with CB's. I wouldn't go back to any of the other Bows.
  17. Hardawaypoints

    Hardawaypoints Member

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    North Carolina piedmont
    Medical here as well. In April of 2007 I was badly injured when a drunk driver ran a red light and T-boned my side of the car @ 70 m.p.h.. Two surgeries later and my shoulder is maybe 50% on a good day.

    I have been shooting a bow since 1969 when I was 8 and my grandfather got me a recurve. I got a heavier Bear Grizzly recurve when I was 14 from money I made working at the gun club and started deer hunting with it at 17. I got a Browning Cobra compound at 21 and a Darton 50 MX at 23 years old. I bought another Darton (400MX) at 28 and continued to hunt deer with all of them until the Grizzly broke. I love being in the woods before the deer get stirred up and before it turns bone-chilling cold.

    I got the crossbow permit from the physician's assistant who is also a hunter & he understood how I felt not being able to get in the woods in early Fall. Since I missed so much time away from work due to the wreck, I had to save up to buy the crossbow I wanted. Almost as soon as I bought the bow, the state of North Carolina made crossbows legal for anyone to hunt with. I probably would have switched over to a crossbow anyway because having a scope makes me a better shot.

    I am very happy to be able to hunt during archery season again.

  18. Fullquiver

    Fullquiver Active Member

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    Medical here as well. I had brain cancer 12 years ago and went right to the mat with it. Came about as close to making it to the other side as you can get and get to stay. I am very thankful to the good Lord for every day but I did not come away unscathed, though. I have severe osteoporosis and have had over 25 compressiion fractures in my spine. I also have problems with osteostenosis as all from the compression fractures that have compromised several of my nerve openings in my spine, resulting in a very weak left arm related to position of my arm. I still hunted with a compound that I had before as I had new limbs put on it so that it was 40-50 lbs in draw weight. Each year it got harder to draw that bow and be able to shoot it well, (almost impossible) but I was stubborn and as a sworn enemy of crossbows had sworn that I would never hunt with one.

    My father who had taught me to hunt, and himself being 84 and still trying to hunt with a vertical bow finally could no longer do it. Well we where both in a world of hurt and the idea of losing something that meant so much to us was a little more than humbling. I started looking into getting my father a crossbow first and after looking into them for quite some time finally went down to talk to my dad and he agreed that he would hunt with on if I bought one for him. Well after I bought him one and sighted it in for him and seeing just how things worked, I found myself strangely excited shooting this foreign thing in my hand and the more I shot it the more excited I became. I gave it to him to hunt with and found myself very excited for him, calling every night to see if he was successful. I had all this info and excitement and finally decided that I would get one myself. The rest as they say "is history" I find that archery has become a new adventure for me again. Just another phase in my evolution as an archer.
  19. buckeye dan

    buckeye dan Armed Citizen

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    Medical mostly. Long sessions with verticals tend to flare up my bursitis which renders me useless and in pain for days. Medical reasons aside...I would still gravitate to crossbows because they are my weapon of choice. I like crossbows and I have no problem with technology. I can't wait to see what next years models look like.
  20. sooner77

    sooner77 New Member

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    it gives me the best oppertunity to harvest an animal during archery season. i love to hunt but i also love to harvest so why not use the best tool available.

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