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Discussion in 'Barnett Crossbows' started by steve001hsd, Oct 13, 2013.

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    I am debating between the c5 and the recruit. I have shot the recruit but the 2 places that have the wildcat in stock either have no lane or wont allow crossbows in the lane just compound. I like the weight of the recruit but I'm not sure of the accuracy vs the wildcat. They both are on sale right now under 300 witch is in my price range. I want feedback from those of you who have shot one or better yet both please to, to help me decide. Thanks. Forgot to mention I am looking to in theory anyway want grouping up to 50 yds. That is the longest shot I can take with my compound and still make a clean kill so I want a xbow to have the same reach or better with 2-3" in groups. Most of my shots are under 30 yds fyi before I get flamed over unethical ect. Just want to have a max range at 50yds "in theory"
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    Recruit!!! can get them Brand new $250 smaller xbow and if you tweak it like a compound you will get almost same speeds as the C5.And more than capable of them 50yrd shots but Im sure you wont be taking those shots without alot of PRACTICE!!And if your shots are under 30yrds like you say the the Recruit is the Xbow..JMO :)
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    I have a c5 and love it but if i could do it over i would buy a recruit only because it is a bit narrower and is easier to shoot out some of my permanant blinds. These ere blinds built for gun hunting where width of the gun was a non issue but i have to carefull not to hit the sides with the wheels on my xbow.

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    I don't own either, but am looking for a smaller bow for my kids and my wife. I'm looking real hard at the recruit.

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    Im picking up the recruit this weekend. To replace my aged Devastator

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