Crossbow Arrow Lube from Scorpion Venom Archery

Scopion Venom Arrow LubeAn important part of being a successful crossbow hunter is spending lots of time with your bow practicing with it.  But one area that discourages some crossbow hunters from practicing as often as they should is the fact that pulling arrows from certain foam targets can be down right impossible.  If you’re a hunter that favors an aluminum crossbow arrow, many times, just getting your arrow removed from a foam style broadhead or 3D target can result in bending your aluminum shafts.  For those of you that shoot carbon crossbow arrows, sometimes the twisting motion needed to dislodge your arrow can result in actually breaking the carbon fibers that makeup the arrow shaft.    And many times if you are able to pull your arrows out of these types of targets, your field point and insert end up staying in the target, rendering the spot you were originally aiming at useless because hitting an insert in a target with another arrow shot from a crossbow can often times damage your good arrow too.  All of this extra effort of pulling arrows and frustration of possibly damaging them just by trying to get them out of a target results in hunters just not wanting to practice as much as they should be with their equipment.

But there is an answer.  And it’s a very good one.  The people at Scorpion Venom Archery have produced an arrow lube that you apply to the field point of your arrow that will make pulling arrows from foam crossbow targets much easier.  It’s called Target Arrow Release Fluid and just a small amount applied to the tip of your arrow is all it takes.  The best part is that you don’t even need to apply it after every shot.  It will last for multiple shots.  You’ll be able to feel when your arrows start to pull a little harder and then it’s time for another application.  The product comes in a small tube and has a foam applicator at one end.  It small enough to fit in a pouch of a hip quiver or even a shirt pocket.  And for what it costs, saving one arrow from breaking will just about cover the cost of the arrow lube.  Not to mention all the time and effort it will save trying to figure out how to remove a stuck arrow from your favorite target.  No more damaged arrows, no more lost field points, no more ruined targets.  You’ll now be able to practice shooting  your crossbow, even at a foam style crossbow target, and enjoy it.


If you’d like to see the video review of the Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid in action, checkout the full video review here.  Scorpion Venom Arrow Release Fluid for Crossbows.

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