Bill Buck

Bill Ball

My hunting career began at a very young age, hunting the farms, woods, and marshes of South Jersey. My father, uncles, and grandfather introduced me to the joys of hunting while installing in me a healthy respect for the animals and land. We hunted small game and waterfowl usually with our hounds and retrievers. As I moved into my mid teens, my interests expanded to include bow hunting for whitetails.
In my 20’s I moved to Georgia, and soon began enjoying the huge deer numbers, long seasons, and generous bag limits of the south. In my 30’s I found myself looking for new challenges, which took me to the western states and the midwest. It was then that I met Jeff Becka, and realized we had a mutual passion for hunting and filming trophy whiteTails.
During the next decade of my life, my 40’s- I spent much of my time in the fall sharing a tree with Jeff hunting and filming in the midwest. Before long we were part of Doc’s Team Extreme and then Archers Choice TV shows. It was during this time that I also was fortunate enough to travel to many Canadian Providences to hunt and film moose and bear.
Now that I’m in my 50’s, I still find myself in a tree in the fall,
with Jeff, filming for his website Crossbow Nation.