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Horton Customer Service

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#1 RockWater



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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:26 AM

For my birthday this May I bought myself my first real crossbow - a TRT Ultralight. This was the result of alot of research (into the Predator) and basically a total lack of patience. BassPro had 'em for about $100 more than online sellers, but I figured at least I'll have it NOW. I tend to make significant purchases this way - and afterward find out that it was a great choice...anyway...

The girl at BassPro on this particular Saturday morning pretty much just handed me the bow - no box, no instructions - when I asked she said "Yeah that's all we have". Ok - so I took a shot in thier range and it seemed kinda loud but she said they were all that way. (I had seen an online review of the Predator reading like 89Db - which I thought was pretty loud) Mostly the UltraLight had a "twang" which I knew I could silence (bolt retainer)so , for 3 lbs less weight I chose The Horton Ultralight 4x32 scope kit and a box of lightning Alum. which were the closEST match to the 3 that came with the bow - and a box of vanes to re-fletch the lot so all 9 would match.

So the next day - Sunday morning my club has a $4.00 breakfast so yeah - all the old timers were there (turns out they all shoot ten points from BassPro) standing around to watch the new guy shoot that tiny thing. All was fine until the 30th shot or so when my crosshairs kinda moved - then they disappeared completely!

Needless to say there was a bit of interest and comments from "your screwed" to "just go back to the store - I'm sure BassPro will make it right for you". So THAT's what I did - even though the girl that sold it to me - when I asked about potential malfunctions told me - "right from day one you need to go to the manufacturer". Well I called the store manager from the car, explained the situation, had the department manager verify that they had another kit in stock (to swap out the scope) and headed up to the store.

So now we're at the store and sure - no problem we'll swap out your scope. Let's make sure we get you sighted in before you leave the store "OK sure". Well - wouldn't you know that replacement (Horton) scope failed right then and there!

By this point I'm thinking "Glad I didn't try to save that $100 by buying online - where would I be now?" Now this kid (Jesse) calls down the store manager and suggests to him they give me a TruGlo scope (which seemed about as good the Horton) rather than mess with more TRT kits. Done deal. I'm a (relatively) happy camper. For a short while...

Remember that box of arrows I bought? The lightning aluminums? Well it turns out they needed to be reamed out before my new 145gr. field points could be threaded in all the way. No big deal if ya have the tool - which I don't...back to the store...

Now I'm surprised all that I've read here about this bow and nobody mentions those string stoppers. They don't stay square without epoxy cement! But the final straw was when I left 6 of my 9 new points and inserts in the target boss because they weren't properly glued in!

I know it's all small stuff but by this time I've gotta wonder about the bow's overall integrity. And I've gotta complain to somebody. So I call Horton for their customer service manager - just to complain really - not ask for anything. By the time he put me in touch with Jerad in customer service ANOTHER issue had developed!

It seems the Ultralight has a round tube inside the main square barrel tube. This round tube has the threads for the foregrip retaining screws. Don't ya know it - MINE was misaligned somehow and the screws didn't want to go back in.

Now Jerad tells me this never happens - these are great bows - he has one himself. He sends me a UPS call tag with an RMA#. He says "by the way - throw your arrows in the box, too."

A week later I get my bow back with a new barrel and NINE NEW arrows (that match!)What more could I ask for? A Horton scope! Since I didn't have the busted one to send them, they couldn't replace it but I'd have to say they SATISFIED me nonetheless.

It's great to see things work the way they're supposed to! The moral of this story is it happens - it's how they (Horton) handled it that shows what kind of people they are". In my book, They're grreat!

Since I don't hunt I painted the camo areas black but left the outline on the rubber overmoldings. I also applied this black "PlastiCote" rubber paint I got from Lowes to the limbs for sound/vibration dampening and finally installed a vertical foregrip. (gotta get a bipod). Now I have the Ultr-UltraLight! Thanks Horton!

Check out the pic to see how it shoots - 40 yards from a bench and I'm back down to 7 arrows right on my first day back! Yeah - I gotta aim a different dots...

*update* Having trouble with pic's

#2 RockWater



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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:36 AM

Caution: Inspect arrows for damage before each shot.


The Ultra-UltraLight


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#3 tracker1



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Posted 05 July 2011 - 10:03 PM

that has been my experience with Horton for close to 30yrs. far as twang goes, its the foot stirrup, its like a tuning fork. i bought the new limbsaver xbow kit and it has vibration dampers for that in the kit.

#4 Digging Fool

Digging Fool


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Posted 21 July 2011 - 03:04 PM

I bought a new Legend back about 6 years or so, and never dry-fired it. Only shot it a few times to zero. Noticed some hairline cracks on the end of each limb. Sent the bow assembly in and got a new one back with the limd "end caps" that my older one didn't have. I never had another issue, and was very pleased.

#5 crossbow guy

crossbow guy


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Posted 22 July 2011 - 04:36 PM

nice lookin bow! i have same one and i changed the forend also.. i used the bone collector forend. love it. and love this bow!!