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PSE Smoke - New Tactical Compact Crossbow

PSE Tactical Crossbow Colapsible stock Compound Crossbow

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#1 LowSight



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 05:25 AM

After looking for info about a New Crossbow into another ,section on this forum,i finally found myself the Answer,...and the neccesary info,about it!

So here it is,The Brand New PSE Smoke Crossbow Tactical look :

http://pse-archery.c..._smoke-crossbow ,


Smoke Crossbow Package 01200 / USD$ 699.99

Introducing the SMOKE™: A radical new tactical design that SMOKES the competition.
The sleek profile is built for exceptional speed, amazing accuracy and incredible performance.
The SMOKE™ features picatinny rail, 5 position folding ergonomic front foregrip, flashlight,
adjustable AR style stock, embroidered sling front mounted quiver and styling that makes it uniquely PSE.

A short bow with a long powerstroke, the SMOKE™ delivers a 425 grain bolt
at a blistering 330 fps with over 102 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.
The new SMOKE™ is amazingly quiet, vibration free and ,
sure to be one of the hottest new crossbows to hit the market!

Package includes:

PSE Smoke™ crossbow Adjustable stock
4X32 scope with four reticle lines
Sling Four bolt quiver
Four carbon bolts
Front tactical folding grip
Cocking rope
Wax Stick Rail Lube Flashlight (not shown)

MASS WEIGT: 9.15 lbs.
SPEED: 330 fps with 425gr bolt
KINETIC ENERGY: 102 ft. lbs.
DRAW WEIGHT: 180 lbs.

Does anyone has it all ready,to let us know how is it working,if is silent enough, recoil free,etc,...?!!!

Thank you!

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#2 schneep


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Posted 07 March 2013 - 09:53 AM

Looks like my next back-up crossbow  :):)



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 10:12 AM

Try You Tube




#4 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 10:39 PM

I think nearly all PSE CBs have a 7-9 lb trigger, that's the catch with them...

#5 Twanger



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Posted 11 March 2013 - 09:20 AM

Ok, so I have to ask the question since nobody else will...


Is PSE regulated by law to put heavy crappy triggers in their crossbows?


It's such a shame, because the bows are otherwise very nice.

#6 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 11 March 2013 - 12:36 PM

Yeah, it blows my mind, especially with the enigma, that's a crazy awesome looking bow and has great specs at an incredible value price, but with nearly an 8 lb trigger, I can't deal with that.  The engineers/designers seriously need to be slapped with a newspaper.  Their crossbows haven't taken off, really, and I'd say with absolute confidence that the trigger is the biggest reason why...


I would have an enigma on pre-order now if they had offered a decent trigger, but with the trigger, that removed them from consideration.  Instead I've got a CX SLS on the way (3.5 lb trigger), which was my second choice, but I couldn't justify the cost right now to get a Native, though that will be my next xbow in a couple years.


I'm sure there's no need for them to do that, I think they just haven't hired anyone with the design skills do design the trigger mech right, or to purchase rights to patents that would allow them to use someone else's established design.  There was a time where nearly all of them had crappy triggers, but now with Native, BowTech, TenPoint, CX, and Parker all having better triggers under 5 lbs, it is an important part of the xbow design if they want to compete in today's xbow market.  Between having a safety, and ADF, the trigger, as long as over 3 lbs, shouldn't be a safety/legal concern.


It doesn't need to be a Native 2.5 lb trigger or have 0 creep, but it does need to be 5 lbs or less with a predictable release.  I can't name one xbow that sells well today with more than 5-6 lbs of pull, at least not unless you maybe count the China Knock-off brands (which I think also have gotten with the program), except for PSE's TAC crossbow, and that's only because nearly everyone changed the trigger on that since you can swap it out with a standard AR trigger kit, and still everyone is fairly pissed that they bought a high-end xbow that requires work out of the box...


Trigger = accuracy.  That's important, especially with an arrow (bolt).  I hope they wake up and make a change there so it doesn't kill them with yet another line of failed products.  Like you said, their products are pretty attractive otherwise. :fool:

#7 Ventilator


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 12:57 PM

Just another Poe Lang, like Carbon Express. Just come up with your own stock design, and you too can have your own crossbow line. Made in Taiwan.


The triggers are very stiff, to say the least.

#8 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 11 March 2013 - 04:40 PM

Vent, are you referring to the PSE model?  I know PSE outsources their crossbows, but I don't know to whom.  I know CX is built in China, but is probably one of the best coming out of that continent.  Native is built in the US, and I think most of the parts are mfgd in the US as well, but I don't know that they're 100% US sourced.  That was my first choice, but they're so new that they don't have a website functioning yet, and they're selling so well here locally at the one place that does carry them that that place is charging a premium over retail MAP up to $100 since they're flying off the shelves so quickly (usually don't last a week).  You walk in thinking you'll buy something like a Mission, Tornado, or Stryker, then shoot that for kicks, and fall in love...


If Native is around in 2-3 years, I'll have one hanging on my wall.  For now the CX SLS is a heck of an upgrade to what I had, and will do just fine putting venison in the freezer.  I've got no problem buying US goods, but they need to be competitive and reliable.  I'll pay an extra $100 for that.  Heck, like I said, in a couple years, I'll pay an extra $250 for that for the Native, they're worth it.  Right now though, the company is young and the price isn't where I'd feel good about the purchase (due to the dealer).  With 2 yound kids, I've gotta watch the budget.  Being able to get the SLS and everything I need/want to hunt with it at the price that the Native bow alone would fetch (about $950), I had to make a hard choice.  The dealer is finding plenty willing to pay a premium, so it's hard to fault them on that, but I'm hopeful that in a couple years others will carry their products and pricing will at least be at MAP, hopefully below. 


Imagine WW3, NK nukes Japan and SK, we go to war to defend them, China and Iran back NK, and we've got a crazy WW, and we don't have the capability to so much as build the chip to guide our missiles.  It's not a good picture of where we're at or where we're headed...  I get it...  Personally, I think everything should come with a country of origin notation and I certainly considered that strongly with my purchase here, looking at Excaliber, Ten Point, Native, Horton and Parker.  They just didn't shoot as well as I'd like, weren't as compact as I'd like, didn't perform as well as I'd like, or were priced out of reach.  (Excaliber Matrix too pricey and still pretty wide and crazy loud, Parker's trigger has a bit to be desired, and had noisey safety, Ten Point is just crazy pricey, and Native is just too young for the price that my dealer wanted for it, Horton has had part failures on reverse limb xbows.)  Sometimes it just is what it is, but it was part of my consideration.  For what it's worth, my old xbow is a Centerpoint Bristol, made in the USA.


For my new toy, I purchased:

Victory VooDoo bolts (Not Made in US, but it's really cool.. hopefully they'll move it to US if successful)

Gold Tip IV bolts (shafts made elsewhere, but final product is assembled in US)

Parker Red Hot rope cocker (most of their stuff is US based, not sure about this though)

Sims LImbsavers (made in USA)

Leapers Rail Guards (They've moved some mfg to US facility, not sure if this was currently made there, but likely)

Nocturnal lighted nocks (Made in USA unless they've changed that since 2011)

Pine Ridge Archery Whiskers (Believe they are made in USA, much of their stuff is)


So, even if my xbow wasn't made here, at least it's purchase prompted the purchase of other stuff that was made or at least assembled in the US, and purchased from US companies (Midway USA, Eagle Archery, Sportsmans Guide, Black Bear Sporting Goods, etc)...  Keeping folks in the US working one way or another...


Anyhow, back on topic, how bout that PSE Smoke, neat adjustable stock eh?  :rolleyes:  Wonder if it's fairly tight or rattles around like the one on the Parker Gale Force, hopefully it's not just another source of noise... The safety looks similar to a Darton, and you probably have to take your hand off of the stock to disengage it with how far back it's located.  That's the main thing I don't like about the new Dartons.

#9 Rog



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Posted 13 March 2013 - 04:58 PM

I would rather have my SLS, narrower, faster too. the limb design, trigger box-scope mount, rail, front end all look like my SLS. Go figure.  Are we supposed to be thrilled with a wider slower cbow? Help Me here.

Edited by Rog, 13 March 2013 - 05:41 PM.

#10 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 13 March 2013 - 07:36 PM

Hey Rog,


Got my SLS today, pretty awesome, though it was a PITA getting the residue from the warning stickers off of the side of the rail, had to use goo gone and wash up pretty good afterwards to avoid leaving any of that on the rail or stock (hope I got it all).  Missed the part about taking out the set screw before putting in the foot stirrup bolt, but seems fine.  May have to replace that bolt, will have to wait and see if it holds tight.  :blush:


Shot it twice, at 10 yrds was dead on, will have to adjust scope for 20 and see how it shoots with the lower lines at distance.  Need to find my tripod so I can chrony it this weekend.  All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with it, esp for the price.


PSE has the Enigma, which is a closer match up to the SLS, 17.5 A-A uncocked, 13.75 cocked, so pretty close there, but the trigger is 7.5-8 lbs, and that's too much for my taste.  Too bad, have it available on Black Bear Sporting Goods for just over 400 as a pre-order.  Might get one as my backup xbow if I can sell my fish tank this sprint (220 Gal).


They'd honestly be decent bows if not for the trigger and odd warranty (1 year, then 50% the parts you need for life until they aren't available, then 50% off retail of a new xbow for covered defect issue for life).  Hope they make a change with the trigger, but again, for a bit over 400, being so close to the SLS overall, may be worth a roster spot, though clearly 2nd string... ;)


Have a good one!

#11 Rog



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Posted 13 March 2013 - 11:03 PM

Good for you, I like mine real good. Do you like the scope that came with it? Just looked at the Enigma, Yea, real close to the SLS. That ought to be a good cbow......Kill a big un!

Edited by Rog, 13 March 2013 - 11:12 PM.

#12 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 14 March 2013 - 12:23 AM

Sorry for hijacking your threat, LowSight... :sorry:


Yeah, Rog, I think it's alright, not as good as a Hawk or Red Hot, but not bad at all.  I think I'll try to find some anti-glare lens spray or something, that's the one thing that bothered me, if the light's at your back, it is pretty hard to see through the scope.  Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with it for the price tag, it'd be hard to beat the mix of what you get for $530.  The negatives are what I knew they'd be, the trigger and the weight.  Trigger isn't bad though, probably 4.5-5 lbs, but is a bit sloppy and travels like a retired professor, breaks predictably and cleanly though, and not overly gritty.  Definitely not a precision trigger, but for the money, I can live with it.  If you want to envy a trigger, shoot a Native Rampage...  That would become the standard by which you'd judge any other trigger!  That being said, I can deal with a trigger that travels, or is a little gritty as long as it's predictable, I can't deal with an overly heavy trigger though, that affects my accuracy too much.  To keep the weight down, I'm just not putting the funky rotating grip or extra rear pad on.  I like that there are two sling mounts, each off to one side at the top, should make is shoulder a bit easier when walking through the woods.


I'll have to get some pics taken to share.  I put a rail cover to keep from cutting myself on the exposed portions of the rail, plus the rail cover is rubber, so maybe it helps dampen the bow a bit...  Probably a stretch, but hey...  who knows... :pardon: I couldn't fit the limbsavers on whole, but was able to get them in by cutting them in half, then slipping them in.  I applied some hill-billy engineering to dampen the bolt retainer, which worked really well, I was honestly surprised how much twang that thing had out of the box, you could feel it through the full stock.  A couple laptop rubber feet applied, and it's fine.  I put a couple string whiskers on for giggles, but I expect they'll shred pretty quickly with the speed this beast puts out.  Sound is still a little loud, but it's a quick whak or thud sound with no hanging twang or report now.  Once I put a bolt through a chrony, I'll see if I lost anything in the process.


I've still got some goodies coming for it, mostly to see what arrows it likes best, plus the crank for in the stand.  What do you shoot, what have you tried?  Any tips since you're seasoned with yours?  Thinking I'll change the scope rings out for shorter ones yet.  Can't wait to point it at a deer this Fall, but I'll get a few hundred shots through it this summer first.


Back to LowSight, check out the Enigma, you might like that quite a bit, as long as you've got the finger strength to deal with an 8 lb trigger.

#13 Rog



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Posted 14 March 2013 - 12:39 PM

I don't like the trigger either, but its getting better with use. I would like to see what you are doing with you silencing tecniques too. I put a small foam pad on the stock to raise my face little too, and made a press. See pics.bows 003.JPG Painted press 018.JPG Painted press 021.JPG

#14 CentraPAHunter



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Posted 14 March 2013 - 05:33 PM

Wow, how did you make that press, what was the cost?


Yeah, I litterally put a bolt in the xbow, uncocked of course, so that trigger assembly is engaged, and just worked the trigger about a hundred times to start a bit of wear to smooth it out a bit.  Definitely removed the bulk of the grittiness that it had for the first couple shots.


I wouldn't want to add anything to adjust for the scope being high, I'll just get low rings and that should also reduce the weight by an ounce or two.  Every little bit adds up, I guess.


I took some pics with my phone, but none turned out (old flip phone), I'll have to try with a camera and better lighting in the next few days., but I just took a set of the sims limbsavers, cut them exactly in half, then trimmed the extra from the inner part where they were cut, then you can get them in between the limbs right at the cams, pull them apart as you push between the limbs and they'll slide in, then rotate them up into position. 




Amazon has them for $20, you can find them locally usually for $15-20, I got a pair at Walmart on clearance over winter for $12 in anticipation of getting the xbow.  I was initially really disappointed that they wouldn't fit, and then it just came to me to cut them in half, you still have the same material, and you can actually spread it out a little, so if anything it should work better.  Works for me...


Pics to come...

#15 Rog



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Posted 14 March 2013 - 10:40 PM

PAHunter PM sent

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