TenPoint Crossbows for 2016

This year TenPoint Crossbows has made some changes to some of their best selling crossbows in their lineup, the Titan and the Turbo, as well as releasing a brand new reverse draw crossbow called the Nitro RDX. They’ve also made the popular Venom crossbow now available as a Venom Xtra. Let’s take a closer look at each of these models and see whats changed and what’s new.

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow

The TenPoint Titan SS is the latest version of the Titan crossbow. The Titan has been TenPoints number one selling crossbow since first released back in 2000. New for 2016, the Titan SS is lighter, faster, and more compact then ever before. The Titan SS weighs in at 6.7 pounds which is about a half a pound lighter than the previous version. The TenPoint Titan SS is also 3″ shorter than its predecessor which makes it even more maneuverable. It also measures in at only 18.5″ when cocked. It’s got a new skeletonized stock with an adjustable butt plate and plenty of grab points which I think is a big improvement. The stock also includes the finger guards which will help keep fingers and thumbs out of the way. The TenPoint Titan SS is sold in a package which comes with the 3x Pro-View scope that has 3 crosshairs that can be illuminated either red or green and with 5 different levels of intensity. The Titan SS also comes with a 3 arrow quiver and a three pack of TenPoint Pro Elite carbon arrows. The TenPoint Titan SS has a draw weight of 175 pounds and shoots the Pro Elite arrow which weighs 425 grains at 320 FPS and will shoot the 370 grain Pro Lite arrow at 340 FPS.

TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow

The TenPoint Turbo GT crossbow is another bow that has been newly redesigned for 2016. The Turbo has been in the TenPoint lineup for many years and they’ve made some great changes to it. The Turbo GT is also about a half a pound lighter than last years version and weighs in at 6.5 pounds. It also includes the new skeletonized stock with an adjustable butt plate which helps make the bow 3″ shorter than last year measuring in right at 34″ long. This crossbow also includes the rubber safety wings. The Turbo GT from TenPoint Crossbows also comes with the 3x Pro View 2 Scope with illuminated reticles. The Turbo is a very narrow crossbow and measures in at 17.5″ when uncocked and only 13.5″ when cocked. This makes for a crossbow that is very easy to handle in any hunting situation. The TenPoint Turbo GT also comes in a package and includes a 3 arrow quiver and a 3 pack of Pro Elite arrows. The Turbo GT shoots the supplied Pro Elite arrows at 340 FPS and has the ability to shoot at 360 FPS with the TenPoint Pro Lite arrow.

TenPoint Carbon Notro RDX Crossbow

The TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX is the first ever reverse draw crossbow that TenPoint has produced. The Nitro RDX is a very compact well balanced crossbow that is easy to aim and shoot. It is very compact at only 10.5″ wide axle to axle when the crossbow is cocked. It includes TenPoints premium upgrades like a woven carbon barrel and a carbon injected stock. The stock also include an adjustable comb and butt plate as well as the rubber safety wings. The Nitro RDX is available with an ACUDraw cocking device or with the Dedd Sled 50 cocking aid. It also comes with the RangeMaster scope which has a speed ring so you can dial your crosshairs into the speed the arrow is shooting and they will be perfectly aligned. The RangeMaster scope also allows the crossbow hunter to choose between a red or green illuminated reticle with 5 different levels of brightness. The Nitro crossbow also comes standard with the SDS string suppressor system which in conjunction with the carbon barrel and stock reduces virtually all vibration and noise. A 3 arrow quiver and a 6 pack of Pro Elite arrows also comes with the package. The Carbon Nitro RDX form TenPoint is fast too. Shooting the standard Pro Elite carbon arrow the Carbon Nitro shoots at 364 FPS and with the Pro Lite arrow it shoots 385 FPS.

TenPoint Venom Xtra Crossbow

The TenPoint Venom Xtra is the last new crossbow for 2016. The Venom which is TenPoints top of the line traditional draw crossbow now is available in the Xtra package which includes a grey laminated wood stock. The Venom crossbow itself has been around for a few years now and includes awesome features like a carbon woven stock, string dampening system, BowJax, and RangeMaster scope. But this is the first year you can get it in the Xtra package which will truly give your crossbow that custom look and feel.

These are some of the major changes for 2016 from TenPoint Crossbows. To learn more about the Carbon Nitro RDX, Turbo GT, Titan SS, or Venom Xtra, or any of the other crossbows in the TenPoint lineup like the Vapor, Stealth FX4, or Shadow Ultra-Lite, visit the TenPoint website at: http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/

TenPoint Titan SS Video

TenPoint Turbo GT Video

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Video

TenPoint Venom Xtra Video 

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