The Crossbow…..A Perfect Fit for the Entire Family

Family Crossbow HuntingCrossbows are becoming more and more popular every year. If you don’t already hunt with a crossbow, chances are you know somebody that does. The crossbow is a great tool to learn to hunt with. They have a relatively fast learning curve, no intimidating recoil or loud blast, and once purchased, they cost almost nothing to practice with, and the best part is that one crossbow can fit the entire family. Take a typical family. You have dad, mom, one boy and one girl. Dad is a big hunter and would like to get the family involved in the outdoors. His options are to start his family off learning to hunt with a gun, a vertical bow, or a crossbow. Let’s look at what issues he may run into with each weapon, and why a crossbow is the perfect fit for the entire family.
Let’s start with the gun. The first potential issue here is what size to start with. Too big and the kids will be scared. Not big enough and you’ll be selling it to upgrade next year. Also, will mom or the kids be afraid to shoot it? Is it too loud? Does it have too much recoil? These are all issues that come into play with a gun. Not to mention if you live in the midwest, almost all the gun seasons are short which doesn’t provide you with much time to take your family hunting. Also, most gun seasons fall later in the year when weather is worse and temperatures are low. Combine all these elements together and the gun does not seem like the best starting point.
So what about a vertical bow? No loud boom, no recoil, and much longer seasons. But the vertical bow has it’s drawbacks too. First of all, you can forget about one for the entire family. With everyone having different draw lengths, not one bow will fit. With strength levels being different between each family member, one draw weight will not work either. With a much longer learning curve, your family has potential to get bored or frustrated, only to loose interest. These are all issues you don’t want to have to worry about. Teaching somebody a new hobby is supposed to be fun. If it’s not, chances are they won’t want to do whatever it is you are trying to teach them. So in comes the crossbow.
Within a matter of hours, you can teach anybody to shoot a crossbow relatively accurate. Being able to hit the center of a bullseye can be very rewarding to a beginning hunter. This early success will keep family members wanting to practice instead of being afraid to practice. And because the crossbow is so universal in the way it does not require a specific draw length, one bow will fit the entire family. It doesn’t matter how long your arms are or how much you a grow in a year. The same bow be shot by a young child and also a parent without the worry of draw weight like a vertical bow, or too much recoil like a gun. Practicing with a crossbow is cheap too. After the initial investment in equipment and a target, it cost nothing to practice with a crossbow. Most people can even do it in their own yard. The weight of a crossbow could be a concern for younger children, but because of their design, there are multiple tri-pods and bi-pods to help with that. And just like the vertical bow, most states that allow crossbows, now allow them in the full archery season. This give you plenty of time to get in the woods, especially in the early fall when milder temperatures make it more appealing for new hunters.
As you can see, the crossbow can be a great way to get your entire family involved in hunting. If you already own one, you don’t even have to invest in anymore equipment. If you are a crossbow hunter and don’t have anyone in your family that wants to hunt, ask a friend or a neighbor if they want to try shooting your bow. You might introduce somebody to something they have always wanted to try but never had a chance to. As hunters, our numbers are decreasing every year. The time is now to get more people involved in the outdoors. The crossbow is the tool to do it. So get out there and get people participating. You’ll be glad you did.
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