Adjusting Your Crossbow Rope Cocking Aid

Using a rope cocking aid to cock your crossbow reduces the amount of energy needed to cock your crossbow by 50%. However, some crossbow hunters still have a hard time cocking a crossbow even when using a rope cocking aid because it has not been properly adjusted to fit their particular crossbow. Even if your bow came as a package from the factory with a rope cocking aid includes, I’m willing to bet it is not adjusted correctly. By doing so, it will make cocking your crossbow even easier. Here how to adjust your rope cocker.

First thing you need to do is to determine if it needs adjustment. So to start, place your crossbow on the ground pointed in the downward position like you are going to cock it. Next follow your crossbow manufactures recommendation as to where to wrap the rope of your cocking aid around the back of the crossbow. Most times it will be right behind the trigger box and most manufacturers will have a designated notch or groove in the stock to accept the rope. Now hook only one of the hooks to your crossbow string and make sure it is tight against the rail of your crossbow. Now take notice of where the opposing hook is in relation to the string. If it is even or worse below (closer to the ground) then the string it should be adjusted. What we are trying to accomplish is a position where the hook (under tension) is still an inch or so above the string. You should actually have to pull up on the string of your crossbow with one hand while attaching the hook with the other hand. So let’s assume your rope cocking aid is not adjusted correctly. How do you adjust it? In the back of the “T” handles you will see where the rope comes through the handle and is tied into a knot. You will have to pull the knot out, untie it, and then retie it at a lower position. It might take a time or two to get it just right but it will be worth it in the end.

So what are the benefits of a properly adjusted rope cocking aid? There are two. The first is it will make it easier to cock your crossbow. Yes, even an inch adjustment makes a big difference when you are at the end of the power stroke and running out of strength. Especially for those crossbow hunters who might be a little on the shorter side. The higher you have to raise your arms up, the weaker you will be. So every little bit helps. The second advantage is that it will now give you a place to store your rope cocking aid when not in use. That’s right, because you now have to pull up on your crossbow string to get both the hooks on it, the cocking aid will be under just enough tension to stay attached to your string while you are not shooting your crossbow giving you a handy place to store. You’ll always know where it’s at the next time you go to practice.

So take five minutes and double check the length of the rope of your rope cocking aid. If it needs adjusted, do it. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Joe provenzano • 5 months ago
    Looking for a video on how to put new line on the acudraw for the Titan ss
  • ungawa • 7 months ago
    Good video. Something most hunters overlook.

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