Carbon Express Advantex Crossbow

The Carbon Express Advantex crossbow is a price point crossbow new for Carbon Express in 2016. It starting price is $399.00. The Advantex is a nice entry level crossbow. It measures in at only 12.5″ when cocked and 16.5″ when uncocked. It has a 3.5 pound trigger which also include an anti dry fire mechanism. The CE Advantex Crossbow comes in a package including a crossbow scope, quiver, arrows, and a rope cocking aid. The fore grip is adjustable along a picatinny rail and the pistol grip can also be swapped out for any other grip fitting the AR platform. For more information of the the Carbon Express Advantex Crossbow or and other of the X-Force crossbows form Carbon Express, visit there website at:

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  • BroadHead350 • 5 months ago
    I bought the Advantex a few months ago to use for hunting. Since it was my first crossbow, the more economicaI price and the simplicity are what sold me. The quality of the manufacturing and materials does not fit the cheap price. The product that I received was absolutely not worth the $400 price. The entire stock is made from a low-grade synthetic material. The material was too soft to even with-stand the proper removal of a sling bolt, but the most notable and significant flaw was the handgrip. After removing the handgrip for maintenance and cleaning ONE time, I could not get it to completely tighten. In fact, after the entire pistol grip broke off in my hand, I was forced to epoxy it to the stock. Since this happened on the first day of a 3-day hunting trip, I had no other choice.

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