Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow

The Carbon Express Intercept crossbow is a new design for 2013. What Carbon Express was going for when they designed this crossbow was to be versatile and to allow the crossbow hunter to be able to customize it however they wanted. They’ve achieved that with the Intercept. The Intercept crossbow has a tactical look mainly due to its all black color, AR style grip and adjustable stick, and its 29″ of total picatinny rail. With rail locations all over this bow, the hunter is free to attached most AR style accessories such as a light, laser, point of view camera, bi-pods, etc. The Intercept also comes with a scope and quiver with quick detach brackets. With the adjustable fore grip and rear butt stock, the Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow will adjust to fit any size or framed hunter.

The Intercept has a draw weight of 180 pounds which can deliver arrow speeds up to 360 feet per second. The Intercept crossbow is narrow too. At 17″ uncocked and only 13.5″ when cocked this is one narrow little crossbow. Like all Carbon Express crossbows the Intercept features an anti dry fry system and auto engaging safety.

If you’d like to check out more information about the Intecept crossbow or more crossbows from Carbon Express, visit the Carbon Express website.

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