Crossbow Nation Javelina Hunt

On this hunt we join Jeff in southern Texas on the first ever Crossbow Nation forum hunt hosted by our very own Guide Girl. The weather is hot and Jeff is setup in a ground blind overlooking a feeder. He has his TenPoint crossbow and is hoping at an opportunity for his first Javelina. Once the feeder goes off, Jeff sees movement in the Texas brush. Soon there are Javelina and deer making there way to the feeder. Jeff spots one big Javelina that he would like to get and has to wait it out until he presents the right angle. With the javelina now in the right position, Jeff pulls the trigger on his TenPoint and hits the javelina perfectly. It runs off into the brush out of site from the blind, but Jeff hears crashing in the brush and knows it did not go far. After giving it some time, Jeff gets on the blood trail. Hard to follow on the dusty ground, Jeff quickly recovers his trophy javelina and has a successful trip on his first ever crossbow hunt in Texas.

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  • Kim Randall • 5 months ago
    Were those heavy chaps to protect from thorn bushes, snakes, or tusks?

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