HHA Optimizer Speed Dial for Crossbow

The Optimizer Speed Dial from HHA Sports is a device that mounts between your existing scope rail and your crossbow scope. What it does when calibrated is allows you to dial in the exact yardage that you are shooting instead of gap shooting between the crosshairs or dots on your crossbow scope. This provides the crossbow hunter or crossbow 3D shooter with pinpoint accuracy at any range. Of course you’ll need to know the exact yardage. So imagine being in your stand and a big buck walks in at 36 yards. On a traditional crossbow scope you need to figure out if you are going to hold your 30 yard crosshair a touch high of where you actually want to hit, or do you hold your 40 yard crosshair a little low and hope for the best? Well if you had the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial you wouldn’t need to guess at all. You’d simple move the dial to 36 yards and hold dead on. With the Optimizer Speed Dial you also have the option to ditch the traditional crossbow scope and use a single aiming point scope. That’s right, you don’t need the extra clutter in your scope to confuse you in the heat of the moment. HHA offers the Optimizer as a stand alone accessory or you can purchase it with a single crosshair scope. Adding the Optimizer will raise your scope about a 1/4″ or so, so it will take a little to get use to placing your face higher on the stock.

For more information on the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial checkout out the HHA Sports website.

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