Insert Removal Tool

On this Crossbow Nation Gear Review we take a look at a neat little product called the Insert Removal tool from A-Design Products. Have you ever had a hard time removing an insert form your arrows? Especially are carbon arrow? I bet you have. The problem is that the way we’ve been doing it for years is to apply heat from the outside to get the insert hot enough to melt the glue on the inside of the arrow shaft. The problem with this is that on a carbon arrow shaft, most times you heat the carbon up too much and as a result it weakens the shaft and ruins the arrow. Well with the insert removal tool you apply heat to the insert from inside the shaft. This heats the glue up first before damaging the arrow shaft. And with its threaded rod, you can pull the insert right out without removing the heat source. Basically this tool is a heat iron with a threaded shaft on it. Its so simple and yet so brilliant.

Of course this tool isn’t crossbow specific. They actually offer a separate shaft to remove hidden inserts, and they have a shaft with a flat end you can use to mushroom out the end of your loop rope for those vertical bow shooters who shoot a release.

The A-Design Products company is a small company and they have not updates their website. So you won’t find the insert removal tool listed on their site. But you can get their contact information from in and get one shipped to you. Visit the A-Design website here.

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