Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow Review

On this Crossbow Nation gear review we take a look at the MXB Dagger crossbow from Mission Archery. This is Mission shortest crossbow in length measuring in at only 30″ long. But don’t let its small size fool you. With a 220 pound draw weight combined with a 14″ long power stroke the Mission Dagger can shoot arrows up to 340 feet per second. Not only is it their shortest crossbow in length but it also their lightest crossbow in weight weighing in at 6.3 pounds. Like all Mission crossbows the MXB Dagger has an anti dry fire mechanism to prevent accidental dry fires, and an ambidextrous safety that auto engages when the crossbow is cocked. The Dagger is pretty narrow too, measuring in at 19.5″ wide axle to axle. Another cool feature found on all Mission crossbows is the ability to adjust the draw weight. As mentioned before the Dagger peaks out at 220 pounds but you can also back out the limb bolts a predetermined number of turns to also set the draw weight at 200, 150, or 125 pounds. The Mission Dagger crossbow comes with the option to purchase it as the crossbow by itself, or with one of Mission Archery’s 4 packages offering arrows, a quiver, and a variety of sight options. To find out more information about the MXB Dagger or to checkout the full line of crossbows Mission Archery has to offer, visit the Mission Archery website.

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