RSD Crank Cocking Aid

On this Crossbow Nation gear review we will take a look at the RSD crank style cocking aid from Mission Archery. This is a really cool crank style cocking aid that offers you a a couple options that you won’t find in any other crank cocking aid. The first and most notable is that it is totally quiet. Every other crank cocking aid on the market has a clicking sound when you turn the crank to cock your crossbow. With this particular aid, it is totally quiet. So if you need to cock your crossbow while hunting, you won’t have to worry about spooking game. The handle has a quick release feature to allow you to easily remove it, and it mounts to either side of the RSD so it doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed. Another feature that sets the RSD cranks style cocking aid apart from the competition is the ability to choose whether to leave it attached to your crossbow or to remove it each time you cock your crossbow. Either way is perfectly fine with the RSD cocking aid. Mounting to your crossbow is a breeze and it removes just as easily. If you do leave it attached to your crossbow, you also have the option as to where you want to store the cocking hooks when not in use. You can store them in a position above the stock right behind the trigger box or below the stock right in front of the RSD. Watch the video to see the RSD crank style cocking aid in action. For more information on the RSD cocking aid, visit the Mission Archery website.

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