Sling On Crossbow Sling Accessory

The Sling On is a really helpful accessory that will make carrying your crossbow much more pleasant. Let’s face it. The worst part about hunting with a crossbow is carrying it. They are cumbersome and top heavy. Because of this reason, anyone who has ever tried to carry a crossbow by using a traditional rifle sling has quickly learned that the weight of the bow wants to keep pulling the sling off of your shoulder. So instead of it really helping you, you spend more time adjusting it and re-positioning it as you walk to and from your hunting location. Well, all that is about to end thanks to the Sling On. This simple little device will connect to any rifle sling easily and it only takes about a minute to install. The way it works is with an elastic strap that you pull around your back, under the opposite arm that you are carrying your crossbow with, and then in front of your chest and then snaps back into a receiver mounted to your sling. If you need to to gain access to your crossbow quickly, all you have to do is hit the quick release buckle and you can remove your sling just as you normally would. When the Sling On is not in use, is lies flat against your sling and stays out of the way. The Sling On only costs about $12.00 dollars (not including shipping) and can be purchased directly from Hunting Revaluation on their website.

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