TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Review

The Shadow Ultra-Lite is TenPoints lightest crossbow to date. At only 6.4 pounds without accessories, this new crossbow will be at the top of many crossbow hunters lists. But not only is it light in weight, it’s also compact. The Shadow Ultra-Lite measures in at only 13.5″ wide from axle to axle when cocked and only 34.4″in length and that’s including the foot stirrup. This crossbow is able to achieve its low overall weight by the use of TenPoints new carbon injected polymer barrel and trigger housing. Like all TenPoint crossbows it features a power touch trigger that has a 3.5 pound pull that breaks cleanly. Also a standard on all TenPoint crossbows is a dry fire inhibitor which prevents unwanted dry fires and a ambidextrous safety that engages automatically each time the crossbow is cocked. The Shadow Ultra-Lite crossbow has a 180 pound draw weight produced from its jet black iso-taper limbs and is capable of shooting arrows downrange at speeds up to 350 feet per second depending on what arrow you use. Our Shadow was easy to cock with the equipped ACUdraw 50 however the standard ACUdraw is also available as an option. Our package also came with a 3 arrow side mount quiver and 3 aluminum arrows featuring the TenPoint Omni-nock. Finding your target is easily achieved with TenPoints 3X Pro-View 2 scope. Another nice safety feature of the Shadow Ultra-Lite is its rubber safety wings which keep your fingers from entering the path of the string and also help in quieting the crossbow. The Shadow Ultra-Lite is accurate right out of the box and shooting this compact little crossbow is pure fun. There is very little vibration after the shot which makes this crossbow relatively quiet. If you’re looking at purchasing a new crossbow this year, then checkout the Shadow Ultra-Lite from TenPoint Crossbows. You won’t be disappointed. Find more information about the Shadow Ultra-lite on TenPoints website.

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  • Bruce • 1 year ago
    Love my TenPoint

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