Voodoo Archery Crossbow Targets

On this Crossbow Nation gear review we will take a look at the Zombie and M.A.T targets from Voodoo Archery. These little lightweight targets are offer big performance. For field points only, these are bag style targets. The nice thing about these targets are that they are cheap enough to have a few of them laying around so that you can have them set at different yardages. Also what makes them great for the crossbow hunter is that they are so compact you can keep one in your vehicle to uses as a discharge target to hoot your crossbow into when the hunt is over. The M.A.T is designed to stand up, even from the force of a crossbow, and be shot at multiple times. With it’s many aiming points this great for crossbow target practice since you don’t want to shoot the same spot twice. The Zombie is more of a fun target you can turn into a game while practicing with your crossbow. It is designed to fall over after one shot. So have a few of these set out at unknown yardages will give the crossbow hunter great practice at judging yardage and gap shooting between the crosshairs of their scope.

These two little targets had no problems stopping any arrows I shot at them and seem to hold up quite well. So if your in the market for a new crossbow target, check out the line from Voodoo Archery. They also make large round targets called the War Drum if you are looking for an everyday practice target.

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