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***** CAMX Crossbows, Chaos 325 Review

CAMX Crossbows, Chaos 325 Review
This is a review I did of the new CAMX Crossbows Chaos 325 crossbow. I wanted to show some of the features of this crossbow and explain what makes them different. I think you'll agree that this crossbow offers some really nice features that a crossbow hunter will appreciate.

This is a very good review of a bow that was truly developed buy a hunter for hunters.
I know David personally, and he and his crew were adimit about getting it right first. I was able to shoot a prototype after the ATA, and noticed the only thing that was not mentioned in this review. The trigger area is enlarged to allow large gloved hands to still work the trigger for the shots on cold days.
Another cool thing that was mentioned is that the sling allows for the bow to be carried with the heavy end down. Only a true hunter knows how to carry these meat machines.
Nice job on the review, and the product.

Mark W. Beck
For that price of $899 I bought my Ghost 400 for $730 and my next purchase will be an Excalibur that is faster, without cams, and is lighter than the CAMX plus they drove over it with a truck and it still shoots. I think they need to rethink it to be better. Why not a bow that has the combination of the best features out there like the TAC 15 that has no flight deck to drag on, carbon fiber riser, built in cranking system that easily deploys and stores, and make it weight in at 6 pounds. Just a thought.
I must admit that Jeff, as always, is a perfect gentleman in his presentation of the CAMX crossbow. David Choma, one of the company’s principals, was a little more dramatic when he personally introduced me to the CAMX crossbow in a hotel room at this year’s ATA show in Columbus, OH.

David covered all of the points that Jeff did, but then he cocked the bow and proceeded to throw it around the room like a clunky old Frisbee. At the first toss, I was horrified, but then with the next couple of tosses, I could only be amazed. He demonstrated some other brutal abuses, which I will not mention and no one in their right mind would ever try with a crossbow, strictly to prove to me how well-built and bullet-proof the CAMX crossbow is and why they are not afraid to offer the lifetime guarantee.

I have known David for many years and I am convinced that the CAMX crossbow will become a staple within the industry. A no-nonsense, working-brute crossbow that will do whatever it is called upon to do and that will be tough enough to stand up to the harshest of challenges. I can’t wait to get my hands on mine and I understand it is on the way. CAMX – remember that name, I believe you will hearing a lot about it in the very near future and for years to come.

As soon as I have spent some time with the CAMX and hunted with it, I will write a reveiw to let you know what I really thing about it. Watch for it in the Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine.
325 mean 325 fps ?