Keep in touch with the CrossPros through the CNTV Blog. Here you’ll find updates on what the team is up to and where they’ve been crossbow hunting. We’ll also have some pictures of animals we’ve taken with our crossbows throughout the year and fill you in with the details of the hunts.

Great American Outdoor Show

We are off to the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania today. Anyone at the show that wants to meet up just send me a message. We will be talking to outfitters there to try and book some hunts for future CNTV shows. We’ll probably do a little shopping too. Hopefully the weather will

Late Season Success for Damian

Damian was able to fill his tag on this great 10 point buck using his Mission Dagger crossbow. Damian has been after this buck all year. He has multiple trail camera pictures and videos of this deer. About 3 weeks ago this buck came out into a food plot that Damian was hunting over and

Kansas Success

Bill and Jeff spent the last week in Kansas on a self guided hunt on “Walk In” public hunting land. The guys only had 6 days to hunt and actually missed one day to winds of over 60 mph. But on one lucky day Bill had a nice buck come by the stand. He was

“The One”

    Congratulations to CrossPro Jeff Becka on shooting his biggest buck ever. A buck name “The One”, Jeff has been watching this buck all summer long. He has been eating minerals and supplemental feed and his rack has exploded. The trail camera at this site showed the buck coming in for weeks during the

Early Season Success

Well it didn’t take long for CrossPro Larry Scheetz to fill his tag in Ohio. Larry has plenty of history with this big buck and has watched him for years. He finally came out into a bean field one night where Larry could get a shot on him with his Mission crossbow. The buck drops

Shiloh Ranch Forum Hunt

Well the Shiloh Ranch Forum hunt just took place and as always it was a lot of fun and a great time for me to meet up with some of the Crossbow Nation forum members. It was very hot like always and keeping ones scent under control was impossible. A total of 6 hunters made