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Best Crossbow

The Best Crossbow

The best crossbow? Want to find out what the best crossbow on the market is? When talking with hunters from all over the country that are interested in purchasing their first bow, the most commonly asked question is which one is the best crossbow? Before answering, I often take a deep breath, and with a

Crossbow Shooting Supports for Ground Blinds

Hunting from the ground is one of the most common ways to hunt with a crossbow. What better way to conceal yourself on the ground then to hunt from a ground blind? Many hunters that hunt from ground blinds will use some sort of shooting aid to help steady their crossbows. There are many to

Crossbows in the Stand………What to do with Them?

On each and every hunt, we as hunters are faced with the task of carrying our crossbows to and from the treestand. We have options on how we carry our bows back and forth to the truck or cabin. We can just carry it by hand, or use a rifle type sling, or maybe even

Crossbow Practice……..Don’t Pic a Spot

Buying your first crossbow can be very exciting. Hopefully you’ve done some research on the different brands and models and picked the one you feel best suits your needs. The first thing you’ll most likely want to do after purchasing a crossbow is to go home in shoot it. I can’t stress enough how important

Crossbow Maintenance

There is a common misconception that crossbows require a lot of maintenance to keep them performing well. The truth is that they really don’t require anymore maintenance than a vertical bow or a gun would. Even if you follow every maintenance procedure every time you shot your bow, it would still only take you a

Scope Retical for Crossbow

Crossbow Scope Reticles: Finding the Right One for You

   Chances are you bought a crossbow that came in a package and it included a scope of some sort. You may love the scope that came with it, or you may not. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your scope, or simply just want to try a new one, there are some things to

Tight Arrow Group with Crossbow

Shoot Tighter Groups with your Crossbow………Here’s How

As crossbow hunters, we all want the most from our hunting equipment. One area we all should strive to get better at is our accuracy. There are many factors that come into play when achieving great accuracy with our crossbows. Some we can’t control. Like how well our crossbows are engineered to be able to

Types of crossbow arrow nocks

Interchanging Crossbow Nocks; The Golden Rule

There are more choices in crossbow arrows today than there ever has been. When I first started hunting with a horizontal bow over 20 years ago, we had one choice in an arrow which was aluminum. Depending on what manufacturer your bow was, you could either shoot a flat crossbow nock or had to shoot

Crossbow Rope Cocking Aid

Adjusting Your Crossbow Rope Cocking Aid

Cocking your crossbow is one of the first steps you’ll need to do before actually shooting your crossbow. And cocking it evenly and consistently will be key in achieving repeatable accuracy. While there are three main ways to effectively cock your crossbow, using a rope cocking aid has become the most popular method and most

Crossbow Hunter

Crossbow Hunting

Hunters are choosing crossbows for hunting more than ever before. Partly due to crossbows now being a legal means of hunting in many states, and partly because using a crossbow for hunting is now becoming more socially acceptable. If you’re already a bowhunter, not much will change in your hunting strategies when you take to

Coyote Crossbow Hunter

Hunting Coyotes with a Crossbow

Hunting coyotes with a crossbow is not for the faint of heart, especially at night by oneself. But if you can handle spending time alone afield at night, and have patience, it can be some of the most exciting crossbow hunting you can experience. First, you will need a good call, an accurate crossbow that

Crossbow Broadhead

What Broadhead Should I Shoot From My Crossbow?

What kind of broadheads should I shoot from my crossbow? Are mechanical broadheads better to shoot from a crossbow than fixed bladed broadheads? These are very commonly asked questions from the beginner crossbow hunter. My advice is, shoot whatever one you favor the best. Of coarse you should definitely practice shooting your crossbow with your

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