Father, Son, Double Deer Hunt

On this episode of CNTV we join father and son, Bruce and Mikey Carroll on a deer hunt. Mikey is up first and has an opportunity at a nice buck. The buck comes in however, it does not give Mikey the shot he is looking for. A little later some does come in and Mikey decides to shoot one of them. While the guys are celebrating in the blind, the buck comes back in. With Mikey only having one tag, Bruce and Mikey switch jobs from hunter to cameraman and dad gets a well placed arrow to the buck right at last light.

Unfortunately, Mikey’s deer runs across the property line and the neighboring owner does not support deer hunting and does not allow the guys to recover the doe. They turn their attention to Bruce’s buck and with a short blood trail recover him quickly.

What a night in the woods and a great moment for this father and son.

Gear used on this hunt:

  • CAMX Chaos 325 Crossbow
  • Black Eagle Executioner Arrow
  • Wac’em Crossbow Broadhead
  • Lumenok Lighted Flat Crossbow Nock
  • Hawke Optics Binoculars and Scope

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  • jewalker7842 • 3 years ago
    I would have grabbed that doe and said nothing. Sorry, that was a waste what the neighbors did.

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