French River Bear Outfitters

On this episode of CNTV we head up to Ontario Canada to hunt spring black bear with French River Bear Outfitters. Trevor Spooner, owner of FRBO has the the guys covered up in bears durning the 2016 spring bear season. This is the first spring bear season Ontario has had in 17 years. The guys see plenty of great bears even thought the weather is less than desirable. On the 4th day in, they make a mistake passing a large bear that fools them on size. But on the 5th day, they sit through the pouring down rain and are rewarded with a great Canadian bruin. Watch now as Bruce Carroll shoots his black bear with his CAMX crossbow.

Bruce’s¬†gear on this hunt:

  • CAMX X330¬†Crossbow
  • Black Eagle Executioner Arrow
  • Wac’em Crossbow Expandable Broadhead
  • Lumenok Lighted Flat Crossbow Nock
  • Hawke Optics Binoculars and Scope

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