The CrossPros are the heart and soul of the Crossbow Nation TV series. Without these dedicated men and women, capturing enough footage to produce the CNTV shows would be impossible. You can get to know more about each of the CrossPros below by clicking on their picture. Wanna be a CrossPro too? We are always looking for experienced field producers to bring on board the Crossbow Nation TV team. Send us an email to see if you have what it takes to become a CrossPro!!!

Jeff Becka

I started bowhunting 25 years ago when I was 14 years old. I enjoy hunting for whitetail deer and turkey. In Ohio where I live, it is common practice to start off bowhunting with a crossbow. My first crossbow was a Barnett Wildcat. A lot has changed in the past 25 years since I started

Bill Ball

My hunting career began at a very young age, hunting the farms, woods, and marshes of South Jersey. My father, uncles, and grandfather introduced me to the joys of hunting while installing in me a healthy respect for the animals and land. We hunted small game and waterfowl usually with our hounds and retrievers. As

Larry Scheetz

I am a 47 year old full-time Executive Director at a local hospital.  I am married to a wonderful woman which allows me to spend many days a year in the woods hassle free.   I have 5 children and already have instilled my passion for hunting in them as well.  I was born and raised

Kim Edwards

Hello My name is Kimberly Edwards. I’m the mother of two beautiful girls and an avid hunter. I must say I’m from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I’ve been hunting since I married my husband Terry, before that I never even picked up a weapon of any kind. Now after being married for

Damian Riffle

I started small game hunting with my farther at the age of 6 and even at that age I had a huge draw to deer hunting.  Due to the interest I had in bow hunting my father took it up and began taking me with him, and soon had me hunting on my own.  That

Dana Riffle

I grew up in a non hunting family with little knowledge about it.  However, shortly after meeting my now husband and seeing his passion for it, I wanted to see for myself what it was about.  When I experienced my first doe harvest and learning that hunting is MUCH more than just taking the life