Our outfitters help make it possible to bring you the Crossbow Nation TV series. Without them it would be very difficult to bring you new and exciting hunts each year. So please checkout the list below of outfitters that the Crossbow Nation crew has used and give them a visit. If you are considering an outfitted hunt, please consider one of our supporting CNTV outfitters.

Horseshoe Hill Outfitters

Phone: 724-290-9338

Website: http://www.hhhunts.net

Hunt trophy whitetail deer during muzzleloader, archery and rifle season in Kansas. We hunt in Southeast Kansas – arguably one of the best areas in the world to hunt Free Range Trophy Whitetails! Year after year we continue to put Kansas bucks in the record book. Our hunters average in the 150s on trophy whitetail taken over the last 5 years with 60-70% on shot opportunity. Even more impressive is that fact that our hunters have taken 3 200″+ monsters in the past fours years. We hunt on over 15,000 acres in 4 different counties surrounding the town of Garnett in unit #11.

The Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp

Phone: 580-265-4462

Website: http://www.bowhunthogs.com

Matt & Cheryl Napper have invested time, effort, and resources into a wild boar hunting experience that they promise will be a thrill! They offer stand hunting, still-hunting and stalking. Most shots will be 20 yards or less because of the thick brush. The boar on the Shiloh Ranch are true wild “feral hogs” with most having very distinct Russian characteristic. Most boars average 100-150 pounds with several going up-ward to 300 pounds or more!