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Only shot 30 times, basically brand new, originally $950, selling for 400$
Mountain Berry & OD green w/gold pinstripe
Scorpyd Ventilator with a few new addtions.
Starting points.
Aero Concept 1.0 SS 50 Double Shoulder SS with LW8
Sunset orange & yellow w/black pinstripe
Green & cocobola
Green & brown w/yellow pinstripe
I generally don't use any materials with Vectran in it. Just my preference. Some builders use it, I don't. I don't feel it's nessassary.
I've developed a meathod to correct this issue from happening to my cables
Undisputedly the best center serving material the Archery Industry has available!
Camo color options
Starting the end serving with red .014 BCY HALO
Purple & mountain berry w/silver pinstripe
Bronze & Rootbeer w/dark brown pinstripe and bronze end servings
Purple & black w/silver pinstripe