60X Custom Strings

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Website: http://www.60Xcustomstrings.com

3 time world and 5 time national champion Brad Patsy founded 60X Custom Strings with a goal to provide the best possible products at the best possible price for target archers & bow hunters alike. With over 18 world titles and over 100 national championships since 2001, 60X Custom Strings are known for quality and performance. 60X Custom Strings has become an industry leader providing top quality strings to OEM bow companies, distributors, dealers/retailers and retail customers worldwide. With our state of the art production facility and proprietary equipment and processes we are able to build the best strings in the business while keeping the price affordable for everyone from the weekend bow hunter to the tournament archer that competes worldwide.

Barnett Crossbows

Phone: 727-234-4999

Website: http://www.barnettcrossbows.com

There are reasons why we have sold over one million crossbows to date. From its inception, over a half century ago, every Barnett crossbow has been built to be better and better. Innovations on top of innovation combined with pioneering patents year after year have made Barnett the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Barnett has built bows to be better, faster, stronger and more powerful. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and Built for the Hunt! Barnett engineers were pioneers in developing the most desired features in a hunting weapon. It began with inventions like the Commando “Self-Cocking” Crossbow, the first compound crossbow the “Demon”, carried on with the Patented Quick Detach Front End and continues today with a fully integrated crank cocking device attachment. Our engineers have created our latest range of crossbows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Lightweight, Adjustable and Powerful, Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today. We are committed to delivering high quality performance products with unparalleled service and value for all that use the Barnett Range. Barnett Outdoors not only produces the finest quality crossbows in the world, but is the leading international producer of youth archery and slingshot products.

Black Eagle Arrows

Phone: 419-689-2455

Website: http://www.blackeaglearrows.com

Black Eagle Arrows was created with two very clear goals in mind. To offer an extremely high quality product and to offer those products at the lowest cost possible. In-order to make this a reality with out sacrificing the superior quality of our products we had to get creative. We employ the latest technology in our inventory control system to eliminate the need for a large, expensive warehouse. We also optimized our shipping methods to operate as efficiently as possible. These and many other methods allow us to pass the savings along to you. Our superior carbon arrows are not only shot by seasoned hunters in the field, but also world class competition archers. We utilize their expertise in refining and shaping the finest precision arrow on the market. We at Black Eagle are ready to evolve through constant innovation, utilizing priceless feedback from all of our customers. We plan to continue to be a solid foundation in the industry and give you the edge to down that booner buck or take home the championship.

Boo Custom Strings

Phone: 416-566-7966

Website: http://www.boocustomstrings.com

Flemish crossbow strings for discriminating buyers. Sought after in the US, Canada, Norway, Greece, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, and Holland. Made to your needs with choices of material, color, silencers and brace height, these are truly custom strings. Proven in actual field research with hunters and target shooters, they are the preference of those with the most exacting standards. There are other products that may be of interest so please visit and please sign my guest book. 

CAMX Crossbows

Phone: 330-474-3969

Website: http://www.camxcrossbows.com

It seems every outdoor company today wants to baffle you with their scientific jargon, trying to convince you their products are the best or will perform better. But how much of this hype is marketing gobble-de-gook? Most of it. In fact, there are a number of these so called “innovations” that are either totally impractical or a downright hindrance in the field. The CAMX approach to technology is a simple one – we call it “Meaningful Innovation”. All our patent or patent pending technologies are focused on truly making your hunt better. Our technologies either make the product safer, stronger to last longer, make it work better or shoot more accurately in the field – where you need it. Not in a lab or sunny range.

Carbon Express

Phone: 800-241-4833

Website: http://www.cxcrossbows.com

The new Carbon Express® crossbow series continues a history of unwavering commitment to hunters who choose to Shoot Better. Each crossbow is designed to work as a natural extension of the hunter, providing the reach and punch necessary to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime. Carbon Express® crossbows are built for hunters who demand the best equipment in the field.

Crossbow Magazine

Phone: 724-977-9328

Website: http://www.crossbowmagazine.com

A 52 page, full-color magazine devoted to the serious crossbow enthusiast. Annual subscriptions consist of five issues which are released in January, April, July, August and October. Learn technical tips from industry experts and all about the newest products and crossbows—including our latest test findings and reviews. Read exciting hunting stories from around the world; told by real-world crossbow hunters just like you. Subscribe today and don’t miss a single issue!

Excalibur Crossbows

Phone: 800-463-1817

Website: http://www.excaliburcrossbow.com

At Excalibur, we aren’t big business cashing in on crossbow hunting, we’re crossbow hunters who build crossbows. Our first priority is not to produce a lot of cheap bows with star wars styling, but to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbow that money can buy. Our ideas don’t come from engineers, they come from experience, and nothing leaves our drawing board without being subject to extensive testing by the toughest, most uncompromising product evaluators in the deer woods… US! Ever since we began Excalibur in 1983,  it’s been our aim to help crossbow hunters to enjoy their sport by providing them the very finest in equipment and service. We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the exciting new dimensions that only Excalibur can bring to your hunting experience!

Hawke Optics

Phone: 877-429-5347

Website: http://www.hawkeoptics.com/crossbow-scopes.html

As crossbows from in acceptance, more people are exposed to Hawke as the leader is crossbow optics. Since 2008, customers and crossbow companies alike have come to Hawke for the very best in crossbow optics. From a chassis specifically designed to withstand the rigors of crossbows, to reticle systems virtually guaranteed to make you a better shot, Hawke has re-written the rules for what can be expected of crossbow optics.

HHA Sports

Phone: 1-800-548-7812

Website: http://www.hhasports.com

Makers of the Optimizer Speed Dial crossbow sight. This innovative sight lets you dial your crossbows crosshairs into the exact yardage. No more worrying about how high or low to aim. Just dial your yardage and hold dead on!!!

Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine

Phone: 320-634-3660

Website: http://www.horizontalbowhunter.com

The American Crossbow Federation serves as the NRA for crossbow hunters, striving to expand the crossbow hunting opportunity to every person that desires to use one in the pursuit of wild game. The Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine is the first International Quarterly dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the crossbow and the crossbow hunting opportunity. Established in 2001, the ACF and the HBM strive to keep the membership up to date on the latest crossbow news as well as the most recent innovations and products in the crossbow industry.

Horton Crossbows

Phone: 330.628.9245

Website: http://www.hortoncrossbows.com

Horton Crossbow Innovations manufactures quality crossbows and accessories, made in the USA, and designed for optimum fit, form, and function. The corporation’s long-term objective is to produce highly effective, reliable, and affordable designs broadly accepted by hunters and recreational shooters of all age groups, physical abilities, and genders.


Phone: 309-358-1602

Website: http://www.lumenok.com

The Lumenok lighted crossbow bolt end offers the crossbow user the ability to see shot placement like never before. The Ultra bright LED technology used in this Lumenok bolt end offers visibility unmatched by other brands. Add a new dimension to your next crossbow hunt, and take your bolt home with you.

Mission Archery

Phone: 608-269-2728

Website: http://missionarchery.com/crossbows/

Mission bows and crossbows are designed and built in the USA. Whether you’re interested in bowhunting, crossbows or competitive archery, Mission has the bow to get you on your way. Our vertical bows are known to outperform their price, while our new MXB-360 crossbow is raising the standards of modern crossbow design.

Scorpyd Crossbows

Phone: 319-331-4700

Website: http://www.scorpyd.com

Scorpyd Crossbows has several distinctive product lines.  The   VENTILATOR,  VTEC, and the ORION.  The VTEC Platform is the World’s Fastest most Powerful Crossbow. The Ventilator Platform is the World’s BEST Hunting Crossbow, due to the compact size.  The VTEC is also the World’s best Target crossbow, that also makes a great hunting crossbow. TheORION Platform is a non-folding stock  model that is available with or without the Patented AcuDraw crank cocking device.  For more information about our different product lines, please visit our website.

South Shore Archery Supply

Phone: 813-545-0754

Website: http://www.southshorearcherysupply.com

South Shore Archery Supply specializes in the best custom arrows money can buy! Our Arrow Build Process: All shafts are tested to identify the static spine deflection within each shaft! All shafts are Tuned by placing the optimal spine deflection of each shaft to the same orientation! Every Custom Arrow is cut on both ends and squared using a Firenock (A.P.S.) Arrow Preparation System! Prior to installing inserts every shaft is cleaned inside with a brassbrush! All Vanes are treated with a super glue primer! All custom arrows are numbered prior to shipping to identify the optimal spine deflection position!

Stryker Crossbows

Phone: 877-901-1934

Website: http://www.strykerxbow.com

A perfect engineering combination between Stryker’s advanced compound limb assembly and Excalibur’s dependable stock assembly and accessories. Featuring the “CTS” Compact Thumbhole Stock, offset arrow quiver, and reverse dual cam system. This crossbow will stand the test of time and prove to be one of the most comfortable and accurate crossbows you have ever shot and shouldered. At a blistering 360fps, the Offspring is one of the most efficient and fastest crossbows on the market while maintaining minimal noise. This bow also comes standard with a high quality Dead-Zone scope, and can easily be outfitted with Excalibur’s C2 crank for ease of cocking.  The Offspring has everything you are looking for in a top quality, feature packed crossbow that won’t break the bank.

TenPoint Crossbows

Phone: 330-628-9245

Website: http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/shop/crossbows/

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is the industry leader in crossbow technology, engineering, and performance. Every detail of each crossbow is precision-engineered to deliver the most dependable, accurate, and high-performance shooting experience available today. We pride ourselves on having impeccable customer service by developing solid relationships with our customers and dealers.

Tooth of the Arrow

Phone: 651-342-8440

Website: http://www.toothofthearrow.com

Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads are a true one-piece broadhead machined from high carbon steel, and 100% made in USA. They are designed with the hunter in mind. The low profile improves flight. The heat treated high carbon steel adds durability. Their blades are at a 45 degrees to retain sharpness, and the four blades increases the total cutting ability.

Wac'em Archery

Phone: 256-502-9770

Website: http://www.wacemarchery.com

Our mission is to engineer the world’s sharpest, toughest, most accurate broadheads. We will maintain the strictest of tolerances, promote an unrivaled passion for bowhunting, convey respect for the animals we pursue,
and give our customers unequaled value, craftsmanship and results.

WickedRidge Crossbows

Phone: 330-628-9245

Website: http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/shop/wicked-ridge-crossbows/

With designs created by TenPoint, Wicked Ridge provides the outdoorsmen with high quality, precision-performance crossbows that are simple, reliable, and affordable. Their performance and durability are clearly unmatched at comparable price-points.