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  1. Killer Instinct Crossbows
    Good afternoon, I want to share with you a video of a shot with my Ripper 415 at 50 meters/54.6807 yardas, standing, to a 15 cm diameter balloon simulating killzone. use tips of 125 practice grains and full metal jacket darts out of a total of 489 grains. I accompany the video's link sorry for...
  2. Killer Instinct Crossbows
    Good afternoon I share the photo of a shot I made 65 yards with wind the weekend. I have a crossbow Ripper 415 I leave the link to download the full video. Link!tk0nTKgA!caXmQaVqKo48m92WIpW7mtae4dvs5cCtcI5F-TjNR-8
1-2 of 2 Results